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Instead of taking her to dinner, as was decided by both of them. He took her to his home. And at his home he sexually assaulted her. Police say the woman was able to exit the home and flag down a driver who called 911 Police are concerned that Holland may have sexually assaulted other victims, particularly on O w. T. O P news. One of the two students who died in a boating accident in Iowa over the weekend was from around here. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and the Iowa State University Police Department says 20 year old Yakov Benda VI died in the accident on Little Wall Lake. He was a 20 year old sophomore accounting major from the district. Police are still investigating the capsizing, which happens Sunday morning. Maryland's insurance commissioner has now moved to block carriers from charging for covert treatments involving monoclonal antibodies. Let's get the story from double D T. O P S Kate Ryan. The federal government has already provided states with doses of monoclonal antibodies used to treat covert 19 so that patients are not charged for them. But There are costs associated with administering those therapies. So the Maryland Insurance commissioner, Kathleen Brain has moved to require Maryland health carriers to cover the costs related to those therapies. Bottom line While you are not charged for the doses themselves, you also cannot be built for costs tied to the treatments, either. A spokesman for the commission says the move is not the result of any complaints. It has been taken proactively. Kate Ryan. W T o P. News. Hey, do you on a dog or a cat? Well, a popular pet food company is recalling some of it's stuff. Midwestern Pet Foods is recalling a lengthy list of dog and cat food brands potentially contaminated with salmonella, posing a possible health risk to animals as well as to the humans feeding them. It involves specific expiration dates of brands, including key, not X, Earth born sport, mix Meridian and pro pack. That were produced at a plant in Mama's Illinois. In all, it involves more than 50 different products distributed to retailers nationwide adult line with expiration dates ranging from April 2022 through September 2022. Back. Piper CBS News.

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