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The family and told me the thirteenth was a week and rather ineffective royal presence. While Cleopatra Married the thirteenth they produced no heirs together. It didn't take long for her little brother to realize that Cleopatra didn't plan to share too much of the spotlight with him. You've gone to foster. What could it be this time? Little One how dare you disrespect me like this? For eons the face of the Pharaoh has gray storage option coin. Now all that remains is your womanly visage. You left me no choice. Does tradition means so little to you while Citizens Ben the Nita us. You must bend the knee to me. I am the male heir of the Ptolemaic Reign. I am the chosen son of Alexander's Egypt. Have Your eyes been closed your entire life? We memorized tradition. But I at least have learned. The world is a very different place than the techs give us. Hundreds of years have passed since the founding of our line brother. Even you must admit. Do you even want to be ruler? I I do not care for the insinuation do not try simply talk your way out of decorum. You cannot remake the world in your image by removing mine. Observe me and you will be proven wrong. While Young Cleopatra managed to raise herself above Tola may the thirteenth in the public eye. It only urged him to go further into revolt. He turned to the legions of Roman soldiers left behind by Alice. Cabanas known as the Gubkin. Yanni you see. Cleopatra had given up Goblin Yanni soldiers after group of them. Murdered a Syrian governor son. Their Roman pride perfectly matched toll may the thirteenth. Tola made the thirteenth kindled. The anger of those who opposed. Cleopatra's Feminine Dominance and soon her enemies came home to roost. Sister is that you keep your head down. My guard have checked these passages but one can never be sure of the shadows in Alexandria. Brother aims to have your head least. He's learning how this leadership role actually functions. Only you could find something admirable in such treachery. I must be impressed. He reigned in foolish impulses enough to unify a force of more intelligent against me. At least to give us a game to play a game sister were fleeing for our lives. You could say unfortunately you have not made it very secure for the toll amac women. Have you noticed that we're the only ones left? Then let it be known arsenault. He won't be the only ones left for low still you cling to hopes of victory. Where will we go? How will we return? Our little brother. Thinks he's the strongest man in the world. He's very wrong. You know stronger not yet. But I will return to our story in just a moment now. Back to the life of Cleopatra as Cleopatra Cooled off in exile toll on May the thirteenth tried his hand at global politics. He had his chance when Rome descended onto. Its FIRST WAVE OF CIVIL WAR WITH WOULD BE DICTATOR. Julius Caesar Aligned against the lauded Roman general pompey. Caesar pushed pompey out of Rome and the generals retreat landed him in Egypt. Cleopatra had predicted correctly. Thirteen-year-old told me to play with the big boys so when pompey got off his ship Ptolemy the thirteenth arrested him and then in front of pompey's wife and children the Pharaoh ordered the beheading of the infamous Roman Ptolemy thought such a bold move would win him favor with Julius. Caesar it did the opposite while pompey had become his enemy. Cesar was a Patriot in his heart and found the foreign execution distasteful heartbreaking in response. Caesar himself stormed into Alexandria easily. Assuming Command in the wake of Cleopatra and Ptolemy Power Struggle with a new man in charge one freed from petty concerns about Tradition Cleopatra devised a way to make her way back into power as Caesar took up residence in the Royal Hall of the Pharaohs Cleopatra. Found aid from her old loyal servants rolled herself. Up into an ornate rug and was hand delivered into Caesar's chamber and place it there. I'll set it up myself. What Cory I figured you might be pleased to receive a gift such as me while the content is surely welcome but the motivation must be questioned. Held me stand. At least I trust. You have no hidden blade. Look at me Mighty Caesar. Where would I hide such thing? My Name Cleopatra. The seventh the laboratory rightful ruler of Egypt the exiled queen. I come and go as I please somehow. I doubt this shouldn't I as a Roman you of all men should understand the struggle for viable leadership. I assume you've met my brother. The killer of pompey boy without a head took a true Romans for his own. Unforgivable bet is still under consideration. Consider no more Julius. Caesar I bring you your answer in the form of woman. Your words carry little logic. Hasn't yet but still I feel purpose radiate from you as opposed to the cold sweaty desperation of your kin. You need only look upon my little brother to see weakness. Tell me do I carry any of his look in me no I see. Fire it solidifies. My core I've been told by many men I was born to be made into. Monuments assured self flutter has never rung so true to my ears. I know the secret of Beauty Caesar. Without Him Bishen without passion that wisdom there is no such thing as beauty. Life is not lived for statues or stone stone can barely captured true essence. The greatest among us have so many monuments made because the artists cannot help but attempt to capture if liquoring second of our lifelong fire and do you see such essence in any but yourself that is my final wonder. I was carried here in a bundle of dust. And would you believe someone like me would be subjected to such treatment? If I not believe that together my Caesar we could make such fine monument was nothing but charm Cleopatra seduced the greatest man in Roman history to her side in forty seven BC. Exactly nine months after first meeting. Cleopatra gave birth to Caesar's son Ptolemy Caesar the merging of two great families his nickname was Suryadi. Which meant little Caesar? She was twenty. One and Caesar was fifty two but with the birth of Cesario on Cleopatra Sealed her alliance. Julius backed her claim against told me the thirteenth. This was the final violent reckoning of the PTOLEMAIC LINE PTOLEMY The thirteenth raised an army against his sister and the Roman Cleopatra's last surviving sister arsenault fed up with her sisters plotting and perhaps fearful for her own life down. The road chose to stand with Ptolemy and the tradition that entailed with Arsenal's leadership a great aid to told me Caesar's forces became trapped in the city during an event that became known to history as the siege of Alexandria. It took some time to rally reinforcements. He captured Ptolemy but the other side traded the Pharaoh for Arsenault. Cleopatra promptly threw her traitorous sister into confinement while Ptolemy went against his word and continued the conflict when Caesar finally broke the siege. He faced off against Ptolemy the thirteenth on the Nile. The site of Pompey's murder in defeated him once and for all as his ships burned in the river. Cleopatra watched her brother drown. Caesar declared Cleopatra and her youngest and final brother told me the fourteenth coal regions yet. This time Cleopatra's dominance was guaranteed.

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