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Then we only hearing one end of the conversation yeah and why why is that. right I do not know I don't know what who's keeping the answers of are they locked into the boat right holy crap it's almost got to be right some of the twenty to thirty people what I've gotten out of their youth was able to jump on you know depending on what burst into flames and where it was. Frank as you get this fixed the eight pretty fast in a you know if you've ever been in the right you know that under care it what do you call that it doesn't matter the part of the boat all the if you're in the boat I mean you could you could die smoke inhalation in a big hurry it sure looks bad to have all the crew get out in the past well I I don't think there's any way to interpret that answer of what can you get back in on lock the doors as anything but he was told the other locked below. as is and and listen I don't spend a lot of time on promotes honestly is that a common thing I don't care if he is the final never stay on a tourist trip for I was locked in the anything soon hotel both anything you're not locking me and I'm paying you right I may doing this for fun don't know if people know it who knows of this all come out. good lord the idea that they're locked down there will be a part of the story is the where they were sleeping they were kind of like bugs stacked on top of each other in a very very tight space and the tween the bunks and getting out of the year ship yet the galley so they would have to go through the galley number you're galley caught on fire yeah he would be able to do that one exit yeah thanks all right heading toward the Florida coast now hurricane Doreen is now a category two storm maximum sustained winds at about a hundred and ten miles an hour hurricane center's latest advisory has.

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