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FM and AM a 20. NPR News in the New York conversation. Lie from NPR news. I'm Janine Herbs at the town hall focusing on the pandemic. In Milwaukee tonight, President Biden is expected to push his $1.9 Trillion pandemic relief package, which he's urging Congress to pass. NPR's Tamara Keith says the White House has to convince both parties. The other thing they have to worry about, though, is also keeping all of the Democrats in line. Because they have the narrowest of margins in the house and the Senate. They want to use a procedure that requires, you know 50 50 plus one in the Senate. And the White House is upping the number of covert 19 vaccines that will send two states this week, and it's nearly doubling the number of doses it sends to pharmacies. Meanwhile, FEMA opened its first covert 19 mass vaccination sites today in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. Areas that are especially hard hit by the Corona virus Pandemic. Severe weather, though, hampered vaccination efforts in other parts of the country, forcing the cancelation of some mass inoculation events, and the weather has delayed Cove in 19 vaccine shipments to Kansas. According to state health officials. Jody for Tino of member Station Casey, you are has more Kansas Department of Health and Environment secretary doctor lead, Norman says Monday and Tuesday. Shipments can now be expected to arrive later this week. For days, temperatures have hovered near zero and utility companies implemented rolling blackouts across the region. Norman believes the state will be able to stay on track with its vaccination efforts. If it gets in your state. We're gonna push it out. But keep in mind that so much now doesn't come into Kansas. I eat to our state agency and then get pushed out. It goes directly by FedEx ups, etcetera directly the vaccinating sides, Norman says. Despite the delay, he still expecting 90,000 doses from the federal government. For NPR News. I'm Jodi for Tino in Kansas City, Wall Street End of the day in mixed territory, the Dow gaining 64 points. The NASDAQ was down 47 the S and P 500 down too. You're listening to NPR news. This is W when my C in New York I'm Shawn Carlson. New Yorkers with upcoming vaccine appointments at Mount Sinai are receiving cancelation notices this week. As Caroline Lewis reports, the situation is distressing for those who booked well in advance. Those second does appointments will still be fulfilled. An insider at the hospital network says the move likely impacts thousands of patients and employees do to new expansions ineligibility. They'll now be competing against 3.2 million people for first dose. One Upper West Sider, said she booked her March 3rd appointment in early January. She's frustrated that Mount Sinai simply told her toe look elsewhere, given that many essential workers and older adults are still awaiting their first dose. Cancelations mean members of at risk groups are now at the back of the line. The NYPD is resisting calls from the empty A to put even more cops in the subway system, saying they've already added 500 more officers, and that follows the stabbings of four customers on the A line over the weekend, two of them fatally. Least Commissioner Dermot Shea told New York one today. The officers are working overtime or were redeployed from other assignments, and we're going to do everything we can to keep people safe. But more importantly, Pat When you look at the numbers to make people feel safe, she says. Despite a series of recent high profile attacks, crimes in the transit system actually felt last December compared to 2019. The empty A on Sunday requested a total of 1000 additional police officers for subways and Hey, says name Y P D will continue to the monitor transit crimes and reevaluated three sources but believes current staffing levels are sufficient. Your city has a generous program to help candidates raise money to run for public office. The campaign Finance board says it's doled out $39 million to date, the most in its history. These air matching funds for the hundreds of candidates running for City Council mayor, controller and more. The CFB matches campaigns 8 to 1 that they raise a certain amount on their own from local small time donors. This payout covers fund raising from the last half of 2020. Both Eric Adams and Scott Stringer qualified for public funds in the mayor's race. And the numbers show that the candidates in the two upcoming special elections for City Council seats in the Bronx are competing hard for.

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