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The country into that much debt travelers heading the Wisconsin or rather heading to Chicago from Wisconsin, can I'll skip the 10 Day quarantine. This is on Lee, though, if they have a negative covert 19 test results before coming into the city. Now Illinois is neighbor to the North was bumped down from the most severe red designation under Chicago's Travel Order Toe Orange that was effective Friday, according to the city's travel Order website. But 10 other states have moved from orange to red, which does mandate the 10 Day quarantine for travelers returning to Chicago from those states. Finally, this is a bizarre story. More than 190,000 ceiling fans sold at Home Depot are being recalled after reports that the blades fell off while spinning, whipping and hitting people causing property damage. The Haft in bay, Mara Indoor and outdoor ceiling fans were sold this year between April and October. At Home Depot stores and via its Web site. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to do this, but I have to ask, Did they check to see if those have eight and 10 year old boys in the houses they should have. They should just double check. Just make sure cause in my house that could have happened and and maybe, like, I don't know just flew off, and I'd have to be a little suspicious or your kids swinging from the ceiling fan. That's probably better. No ceiling fans in the House Jordan. There's a reason for that. That is smart. We do have a ceiling fan in our house and I'm now re evaluating this is I read this story about 182,000 of these fans were sold in the U. S. 8800 were sold in Canada. Now the Consumer Product Safety Commission said owners of the fans should stop using them immediately and inspect them for blades that aren't secure. I would say so. WGN sports. The Blackhawks have announced that Jonathan tapes will not begin the season with the team. He's out indefinitely battling an undisclosed medical condition, Tape said his condition has left him feeling drained in lethargic. The Blackhawks have thrown their full support behind the captain and saying his health is their top priority. Cubs have reportedly traded ace Yu Darvish and capture Victor Cara teeny to San Diego for five players, including Major league pitcher Zack, Davey and Davies and for prospects. The deal is not officially been announced yet, but it was reported last night. Northwestern will take on Iowa tonight. Big 10 basketball pre game 7 45 The tip off is it eight with Dave Bennett and Joey Meyer on 7 20 w G, N and WGN radio dot com Produce will take on Rutgers, another big 10 basketball. And the Bulls visit Washington tonight in the NBA. The forecast from the primacy of weather center. We've been talking about it throughout the day. We are expecting winter weather to begin in around three o'clock.

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