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Behind pursuing the story, but the paper's publisher was adamantly against it. You Know I. Guess what I would say to. That is just that. It was made clear that we weren't going to continue with the story. Why wouldn't they bob well? That is the question of course to find out. We call the publisher of the free press at the time Rudy RETTIG COP who says he? He still remembers that episode. He told US quote. There was a lot of external pressure from High Position Winnipeg irs or business people who he refers to as Nygaard compatriots and the city's kingpins at the time. He said those people thought we were on a witch. Hunt I. They didn't know how to believe that Peter Nygaard was involved in those things. The free press reported it received a threat that NYGAARDS company would sue. But Rudy radical upset that didn't affect his decision to stop Mitchell story, and he said Nygaard never called him directly, but other members of the Winnipeg business community did. Really read, aqap ultimately decided to kill any further stories about Peter Nygaard. He told US quote. I was not sure that we weren't just trying to create some sensationalism for Winnipeg. I decided not to continue with it. It was a long time ago. Things were different. You know what maybe we should have preceded, but you know we didn't. The decision was made at the time and we just have to live with it. So basically the story was was killed a story that could have been heard back back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, six, and spiked and it. It seems to have echoes with what we've learned about other powerful men. You know people like Jeffrey Epstein. And Harvey Weinstein who managed to keep their sexual assaults out of the press and secret? Yeah, exactly with them, and with Nygaard, the essential question is the same, if so many in you, public politicians police. How could it be kept a secret? Key consider the cases. We're talking about here. April telex was a quarter of a century ago Casey Allen Yana a Nygaard, rape them over forty years ago. How could it all on so long? Well, what happened there with the Winnipeg free press is the answer however in this me too era when women begin to come forward now, the floodgates open. And, so, what does Peter say? But you know the Winnipeg. Free Press Killing Story About him in ninety six. Yeah Richard. Good is one of nygaards lawyers on the record. He told US quote Mr. Nygaard was not involved in any attempt to stop the publication of story about unreliable, false and malicious allegations by MS Larson about Mr Nygaard. So, what else did I have to say about? The allegations themselves well as we always do CBC News Detailed Young Larson's allegations in a letter to the Nygaard lawyers in response lawyer j probers called the accusations completely false. He said there was of course never any formal complaints to the police or anyone else. Else and there was never any criminal charge at the time forty years ago, this was likely instigated by those involved in the criminal conspiracy against Nygaard, so he's referring to a criminal conspiracy against Nygaard. What's he referring to that? Well, that's become Peter Nygaard legal mantra through all of this at all of the women who've accused him of sexual assault or rape have been paid to lie as part of a conspiracy by nygaards neighbor in the Bahamas. An American billionaire named Luis Banking in order to destroy nygaards reputation, the to have been feuding now for more than ten years after a property dispute between them boiled over into a series of lawsuits. This is the result. But you just a few moments ago that that many of those allegations were about incidents that happened many many years ago long before this alleged disputes. So how do they square precisely? Yana April Casey? All of them described incidents. They took place ago before any of these legalities got started. The women we spoke to believe their stories which you just heard challenge Peter. Nygaard long-held defense. They say that's a big reason why they're coming forward now and just hope that police in Canada are paying attention Sokaia Dot. Mean that a chance Nygaard could be prosecuted in Canada's well well, though we know, there are criminal prosecutions in both the US in the Bahamas, Canadian police won't say whether they're investigating nygaard now or not, but think about this Peter Nygaard is a Canadian citizen. He's recently been living in Manitoba. His business now in receivership is incorporated in Canada. Legally there is no statute of limitations for rape and Canada and even if Nygaard were charged with sexual crimes, committed abroad Canada's sex tourism law means he could still be prosecuted for them here. And you'll remember Casey Allen who we heard from earlier. After! We reported her story. She told us she picked up the telephone and called the Winnipeg police to report. She'd been raped by Peter Nygaard. She has since we understand given them her statement well after all those years. What about Iana Larson in Denmark? What's it like for her to share her story right now? We spoke to Yana there in her living room in Denmark her her daughters at the seated next to her mother herself now. When we finish talking. They hugged both of them in tears. It was the first time our daughter at heard these details. And I asked John if that was partly why she was doing it. It is. I don't get anything out of telling my story except. Maybe a bit more piece inside. It's good having my daughter here as well. It's pleasant. But yet I feel good about. Her knowing it. I, asked myself some peace. After all those years. It was heartening to know at that moment that this was the beginning of the rest of her life. Bob Thanks so much for telling these stories very important work based on. 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