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But i think we're pretty high on them. Relatively speaking so that game is going to be a little bit trickier than people think or the casual fan. Thinks when they look at the schedule. Just kind of thumbed down. No doubt about it. I think he you go through and you go a win win. I am not quite so sure especially knowing the situation that will present itself there but more about that when we get there in early september a team that no longer takes up residency pain in the acc but will still play a bevy of acc opponents. This year would be the notre dame fighting irish no odds available on the conference because they're not eligible after their one year foray into conference football player. They came up just short against the clemson tigers. Their win total. This season sits at eight and a half. You do have to lay a dollar twenty five to go over. And i guess the biggest question for notre dame in a year where so many power programs have continuity and especially the mid majors with a lot of super seniors. Notre dame's gonna be forced to overcome a lot of losses specifically on the offensive side of the ball and defensively when you lose a defensive coordinator in clark lee. That was had a ton of fingerprints all over what they were able to do now. Fortunately for the irish they have arguably one of the best defensive coordinators and all of college football that they're bringing in and marcus freeman. But when we approach notre dame this season we know they opened up in tallahassee against beloved. Florida state seminoles. What should be realistic expectations for brian. Kelly steam a program. That's been knocking on the door of elite college football. They just can't get over the hump and beating the clemson's in the alabama's won't get over the hump their sure either. And i think you know. We're all wondering about notre dame offensively because they lack a lot of returning production especially in a season where teams are returning major contributors offensively notre dame ranks a hundred and twenty third and returning production and. I think there's some questions about talent as well. I mean which. Jack gonna look like after missing last season you know. How large is the drop in a line. Play going to be when you lose. Four starters you know what impact is that going to have on kyran williams and i think the questions that we've had the last few years is like what does it look like outside talent wise at receiver. I love michael meyer. He's like our michael mayor. Rather is one of the best tight ends in the country. But it's like what do you have outside to threaten people. And that's been a real question since chase klay pool left for the nfl. So those are the questions for me now. I think cones probably you know nice veteran presence to buy time before he passes the torch tyler buckner. Who's a high level recruit. And i think cone is a veteran. Who kind of knows where to go with. The ball can throw the some anticipation. He's kind of accurate but ian book. I mean you know my feeling on him. I thought he was one of the most under appreciated quarterbacks in college football and even if you start to try to use some comparisons here and you look at cones breakout season. Two thousand nineteen. You still got the vibe. They a little bit of a game manager. His career dot is one and a half yards shorter than in books. Right in in two thousand nineteen cones. Epa pass tent was substantially lower than books was last season and we know cone isn't nearly as mobile as book either. So you're gonna lose that element of the offense. I just there's areas. Wash marsha right like in front of cone. You're like hey what do we. What do we do here. We're gonna you know hopefully provide some stability but it's like four offensive. Linemen are gone. Obviously you go out and land. Cain madden for marshall. That was massive graded out the best garden college football last season so he fills one of the voids there. But you're talking about an online those top twenty five in line yards passing down line yards stuff right. I mean they created holes for iron williams. I think you're going to see notre dame's offense regress substantially. They finished as a top twenty unit. Last year i think they're probably gonna fight to be like a top forty unit. This ship so i think the drop off sprees significant on the offensive side of the ball. I just can't see another scenario where that's not the case. Yeah i mean you talked about their offensive line. Jerry patterson the one guy that was wearing a navy and gold a season ago they lose a hundred forty starts as a collective from that particular group. And we've seen it time and time again you can offset some severe deficiencies skill position talent if you have the building blocks front but we'll see what jack cohn can do taking over for ian book when you look at. The irish is scheduled. We talked about that labor day opener at florida state home games against toledo and purdue and arguably their first massive test on paper. I would say pain neutral site game against wisconsin in the latter portion of september. But things don't get really easier after that when you take on. Cincinnati at home. A level of familiarity will get to in a second and then at virginia tech but not the most daunting of schedules at least on paper for the irish. That we've seen now defensively. Clark louis he heads the vanderbilt. Marcus freeman comes in. And i've seen a lot of people saying well if the irish are smart. They're gonna make marcus freeman there. Coaching waiting should brian. Kelly explore other opportunities. And it's hard to argue with some of the things he was able to accomplish. Cincinnati a unit. That's been outstanding. I wonder if he's going to be able to try and utilize the same scheme since he employed a heck of a lot of three three five at the bearcats. We're not quite sure how that works when you step up in class but the irish while they bring back a study and kyle hamilton. Who is going to be a first round. Nfl draft pick. At some point. You do lose a lot of playmakers defensively not as many as you did on the offensive side but clearly this unit could take a step back. Potentially they will. And that's kind of what i was trying to figure out is where was my baseline for notre dame's defense last season because ultimately that's going to help us figure out how big the dip is this season and wasn't as great metrically i think as perception was and it was. I like how the defense plays a really aggressive attacking style defense. you know they. They were great last year. Creating havoc top-five. They're made a ton of place. Behind the line of scrimmage number one and stuffing runs and the front..

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