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One day, the great one would appoint and ask the great American come with them. Wouldn't that be an honor? But this Sunday night, Mark Penn will be there and one of the Hillary Clinton Clinton, let's go to JD in Las Vegas home, and my friend, Wayne Allyn root, many others. JD welcome to the Mark Levin show. JD. Go ahead. Well, Bill, it's great to hear your voice back on the on the local show. You're in Vegas, thanking we were pulling forty yet with that heart procedure JD. I feel good before it. And there's nothing wrong with me. I was on the day before I had this done mytalk. You're saying if I don't have it done. My valve is opening an eighth of an inch an eighth of an inch and he said, one night, you're going to go to sleep, and that valve is going to shut and won't open. There's going to be blood in your heart and three ounces of blood in the heart went up pumped your heart that's going to go into an arrhythmia pump about three to four times a minute going to do that for about six minutes. You'll be asleep, you'll be unconscious, and then you're going to die. And I said, well, doc, that doesn't sound too good. His alternative is a Taber put the catheter up your groin, and we're going to put into cow valve and you'll be home within twenty four hours and back to work within three days. I said, you doc, I'll take plan b not plan, a would you agree JD? I agree. If. Thames had to way you'd probably probably. I just get him line in to, you know, if you're in Canada, or England, and you wanna hip replacement Institutue four year white, no one stays there. If you're gonna Ford do you get the hell out Billy, I hearing these twenty two hundred and forty some democratic people running for president, giving away, things of promising things that never in my lifetime or yours. Probably would we can't even imagine, not one of these people were given away everything that they can to get the nomination has brought up the deck of twenty two trillion dollars? One time, not one of them, you know, these politicians they're always saying, we're the richest country in the world. But, you know, every year we lose money, and I think maybe we start paying the politicians that commission instead of salary because it's really getting ridiculous with everything trying to give away JD and fleas lay also at the foot of the of the Republican party. The nash. Debt from seventeen eighty eight until two thousand and one and did we go through a lot of stuff between seventeen eighty eight and two thousand and one the accumulated national debt was four point five trillion dollars. We went through feast and famine award wars and depressions and recessions, and Americans then living totally ended up a debt of four point five by the time Bush got done with painter. It was about nine or ten trillion by the time Obama got done. It was seventeen eighteen trillion. Now it's twenty two trillion and it's going to go to forty trillion. Suddenly, we're talking about money. Think of the taxes that must be paid in future. Generations to pay the bills were running up today. Think about that. Yeah. Andy, Andy Democrats, and Republicans don't give dang your children. Your grandchildren might children, my grandchildren. No prediction after about two weeks after fighting jumped in the race belly. And with the way his demeanor is and what have you, I say, by the fourth of July they are going to be checking him into a hospital saying the fatigue, and he's worn out actually it's going to be a mental hospital because the guy is Bethel. He run Jaydee. There's a young. Seventy two in an old seventy seven Trump is seventy-two going on fifty two and Joe Biden is seventy seven going on one hundred seven not guy. Doesn't look right now. He doesn't look, right? He doesn't talk right? He has no energy. And you know how the hell can you when you got one foot in your mouth and the other one up your that's how he's running with one is bound to one foot, and it's J putting a pretty good mind, John, you know, you're gonna Mark that I'm gonna have Jesse. I'm gonna have rich does Mark. That's a pretty good line. You just said, right there. I like that. At. Six months, and I it new permission on Sunday night. When we listen to you out of here, a little later tonight in the day to use it at will, and I also use on Columbus Day show. So yeah, he got one spot one foot in his mouth. I don't see how you can run anymore. He's, he's legless. Joe Biden and how about in Flint, Joe Biden two days ago. That I'm a Roman Catholic. This core principle in my life, tax payers, who oppose abortion, should not fund, the killing babies into that's fundamental here yesterday. I flipped on that one because I was told by my handlers, then I could win the democratic nomination. I if I continued support of the Hyde amendment, which bans, federal money, used to pay for abortions, but he flipped on core principle, because political expediency conviction. You know, we should all set him as campaign office. A pair, flipflops former secretary of defense gates work ethic report, every president had it right. What he quoted in his book a couple of months back year ago. Joe Biden hasn't been right on anything in forty years to how the hell can, you know, I thought by the hardest guy to beat it might be the easiest because I don't think he'll make until November third of twenty twenty the only thing that worries me is that we have a convention to have a convention that deadlock, but all of these people getting two hundred three hundred delegates and somebody from the floor. Nominates my bell. Michelle, Michelle, my bell. Well about Hillary one of the nominated Hillary maybe Stacey Abrams. Wouldn't that be great, they'd have to Russia gate? Hillary first of all sums wrong with her too. She's not right now that the whole Democratic Party is not right. Billy, it's not the party that we grew you know. That we knew when we were getting younger, it's not JFK. It's not scoop Jackson. No. These, these people are off the wall. And they, you know, they are going so left that they might all wind up in the Pacific Ocean. Let's talk you called in talk about China were Biden son is made hundreds of millions of dollars out of China. The media won't cover, but isn't we have the first president in our history, stand up to the communists, heathens the eighth Theus red China defend American values. And the media is on the side. Of course, the Chinese, but isn't it amazing? How ignorant Joe Biden is about China. Well he, he said when he rolled out he said, hey, man. Hey, no competition is Abe. We, we. We eat their lunch. Well, I think the opposite is happening. Clo the Asia. It was Feist president for eight years, just you'll years ago about Chinese don't he? No, he don't know nothing because he's got one foot in his mouth, and the other is, but. Eight or even know where the island he's talking about on the website, minority everything. Which we could all set him bear flipflops of EPA, office, JD run. Thanks for your call. Let's go to Andrew in Newark, New Jersey, Andrew Newark. God bless you. If you're living in Newark, welcome to the marklevinshow, go ahead. Go ahead. Andrew, I grew up a block away from Newark in star in the travesty of the democrat that ran the city ever credits versus conservative. It was. How do how did Cory Booker do as mayor? They any starring day, number one of murder per capita, when I was a kid, which is only four blocks away threats out of Rosca. I was at a rally for local with the local news. Jim grant, who's a good patriot air, take gang rallies. So the bay or speaking to migrate up right up the street. And it was a blend neighborhood. Nobody shot each of them on the weekend. It was the difference is here in Newark. You don't have to, to parents in the home team pregnancy. And in the mayor nasty, and he started jumping, you know, insulting me to learn. He said, oh, doesn't matter. Which is a lie. Any said the economy's better in south orange. So it's double neither is no. And. Embiid that it matter even though his policies contradict. So that's why against them in the NFL nealer would call ESPN radio and the fan and I would debate. I would say, okay, you're taking a knee. But in Chicago over the fourth of July weekend, there was a hundred blasts shooting. Sure, just in that one city, thirty Andrew looking this way. I've read the stats. I know I know the fact here's the fact that no matter if you do these three things, you can be black white yellow, redder polkadot, if you graduate from high school, number two do not commit crime, and number three give married before you have children. Do those three things. The odds of you making an America is over ninety percent in other words graduate from high school, and then you got to work don't commit crime, don't have babies, and that's all it takes. Do those four things you have a successful life? That's it. And that's what the people have. Learnt people in my neighborhood court it was unhurt her her heard of it was almost like Harley eighty percent curve. And I was nervous at that. Rally. But then people all black people afterwards came up the I interview, they said, no, you're right. It's okay. That's it. Breakdown of the phone. So one when I spoke out my wife, who came here from pirates, what he's saying on the radio phone call the show. Lou Graham that, and she told me it sounds like you're against black people. I was told the opposite, I grew up with black people court welfare Burnett, not like the Democrats, Andrew, the racism, charges you shut people like you up just label you a racist and nettle shut you up. But the fact that matters is not about racists, about behavior graduate from my school work. Don't have kids out of wedlock, and don't commit crime. That's all it takes to be successful in America today. But the Democratic Party doesn't like that message that creates capitalism freedom of Americans, not government dependency, the Democratic Party relies upon governmental actions to keep large numbers of the American people in toad and their philosophy and keep them in power. So the checks keep coming fats the difficulty that refine. Finding an ISP this last question, do you ever since we're winning or losing? I think we're winning but. We were asking, well, why did the black folks heavily because you were talking about healthcare the call because the Democrats successfully in the inner cities, especially may people dependent where healthcare so expensive in college, so they, they've sucked people in even though the people are awake ignorant. The cost of college the cost of healthcare. And lastly you talked about Cory Booker. He was I really liked him at first, he patterned him self after mayor Guiliani about making the city safe tax revenue business would settle, but he never ever ever spoke about the father in the home, and that just in me. And I would see him and, and the congress, the mayor's driving in their eighty thousand dollars Mercedes. Despicable, but our help, and I'm here to help and silver. You keep good work. Andrew. Thank you for your call. We gotta go, but thanks for your call from Newark..

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