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And and because regulatory stuff that that kept popping up and and they would bring up new items all the time and that would slow down drilling but they came up with a lot of the specially with horizontal drilling over the years they've made leaps and bounds in terms of progress and what they can get out of the ground and now you have the opec member nations really they've been on their knees so to speak for a while but they're trying to at this point i guess flex their muscle maybe not one last time but one of the last times because it won't be long the one thing that that opec the well the one thing the media won't tell you and the opec member nations no this they start ramping down production they bring those prices up but at some point you're bringing those prices up because of what while because of because of less supply on the market what when that happens they may be getting more per barrel the question is are those nations also as productive in terms of the energy where is i guess that threshold and i can't tell you exactly but there is one so at some point they're going to ramp up production again because there is a demand for the one product that they provide to the world we provide i don't know how many products right they provide the opec member nations primarily have this one main product and so at some point they're going to when they hit that threshold they're going to ramp up production like they've always done the the difference with this is that in the past the opec member nations have threatened and or even promised to lower the supply to to slow the supply to the.

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