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Triple eight five five three seven two six two let me run down some of the topics we're gonna be covering on the show today this should be of interest to you I shortly here we're gonna talk about why it is that women who take birth control pills need to think about it related to a no no the older out it's obvious the reason why women want to take birth control pills generally it's to stop from procreation it's to not have a baby they don't want to have a baby so they take birth control pills no others do it for reserve the other reasons some doctors place went on birth control pills to control the try to control their periods others a variety of reasons that's the most common is just not become pregnant but I wonder if they were told what it's doing they would even take him in the first place we'll get back to that but we're also gonna be talking later on in the show about the meaning of life scientists reveal this a big new study out of the university of California San Diego researchers believe they discovered the meaning of life you may agree or disagree with our findings but there none the less fascinating and we'll share those with you coming up we're also gonna be talking about prostate issues later how eight standard American diet can fuel prostate problem particularly the worst type of prostate problem you can possibly have and I mean the big C. big study harder one hundred and seventy five thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the US it's the fifth highest rate on the earth we have the hot fifth highest rate of prostate cancer on the planet why is that when we're supposed to be a superpower they're the best economy in the world we're supposed to have the best sick care system in the world but yet we have the fifth highest rate of prostate cancer on the planet gonna be talking about a big study out of make gill university also bring up something that you should know more about hair dyes seventy percent I just learned this recently seventy percent of women adults use some form of hair dye dye their hair they have a grain or these once streaks or whatever it may be seventy percent I don't know the numbers that high and a lot of men die they're here as well we're gonna talk about how here dies and chemical straighteners may up the risk of the big city and I do mean cancer that's coming up but we're gonna be in with the discussion related to women who take the birth control pill each day not realizing that there is a brain region a part of the brain that when a woman takes a birth control pill it shrinks when many women would take birth control pills of a doctor told them ahead of time that it's going to adversely affects that affect their sex life it may adversely affect your sleep it may adversely affect their mood you still down for this women who take the P. hill the hill the birth control pill each day have a key brain region which is smaller it shrinks that's what the experts have found for the very first time this was discovered no we've known for a long time about birth control pills and how they can cause an increased risk of gallbladder problems in women how they can cause weight gain in women how they can increase the risk of blood clots in women that that's well known but to shrink the brain with birth control pills the hypothalamus is crucial for the normal production of hormones and plays a very important role in mood in appetite sex drive and even sleep well researchers at monta fori Medical Center in New York City scanned the brains of women who are on birth control pills and not to make the conclusion they saw a dramatic difference in the size of this part of the brain called the hypothalamus in women who took birth control pills other preliminary evidence from the same team found a link between the smaller size and anger and depressive symptoms so look if you have a wife or a girlfriend or a sister or a mother or somebody you know who's on birth control pills and their anger you notice that they're angry all the time you notice that they have depressive symptoms they have mood changes up and down their appetites thrown off maybe their sex drives down and you know but they're not sleeping you want to be thinking about the birth control pills are taking the lead author of the study Dr Michael Lipton said and I quote there is a lack of research on the effects of oral contraception or oral contraceptives all this is such a part of the living human brain think about how long birth control pills have been on the market and we're just now learning that they have the capability of shrinking the brain and creating all these problems that we didn't know prior this is the slippery slope that happens when you start swallowing a risky pharmaceuticals that we know little or nothing about with the leap of faith there without full disclosure because we don't know what the hell they're doing he also added that the team can confirm for the very first time the using the pale the birth control pill is linked with a smaller hi Paul thalamic volume oral contraceptives are among the most popular forms of birth control and are taken by millions and millions of women in the United States around forty seven million women between the ages of fifteen and forty nine in the U. S. reported use of contraceptives over a period of time leading up to the latest statistic measurement up to two thousand seventeen SO for women taking birth control pills depression is listed as a side effect in the warning label the leaflet in included in every packet along with symptoms such as blood clotting problems weight gain pain reduced love beetle but with all these other symptoms were learning about a loss of brain volume and they don't even talk to folks about the nutrients that are lost in women who take birth control pills how their body is deficient as a result taking birth control pills and vitamin B. two vitamin B. six vitamin B. twelve folic acid vitamin C. vitamin a vitamin D. magnesium selenium zinc you get the idea birth control pills are you when you take one you'll hear this giant sucking sound room where your nutrients are just leaving your body and all the adverse effects that go with that it doesn't happen overnight it happens over time and then nobody nobody related back to starting the birth control pill suddenly I mean your brain doesn't shrink overnight where your sleep is impacted you think it's the caffeine you think it's the stress it could be the birth control pill you're swallowing everyday you wonder why you're alone and you have these mood swings up and down on a bi polar because of the birth control pill you wonder why your immune system doesn't.

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