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So that means it to in my opinion, he should give more acclimated quicker. The you look at hate he and Dobbs Dobbs more athletic. I'm not sure who has the debtor football IQ. We know the Dobbs is really smart human being. But I think the Mason rough has a equal arm. He throws a good deep ball. He seems like a quarterback that is really in tune with his receivers more of a out you look at their colleges. Big twelve SEC Mason Rudolph had more success than dogs, but Dobbs played Steph a stiffer competition. Terms of defense. It's gonna be fun. I'm excited for it. I like this type of stuff it gives me something to write. About it gives us something to talk about. And therefore it she's some levels success for me. So jive go ahead. It's not a question of if. But when Rudolph is going to be the number two is it going to be at the beginning of next season is going to be during the next season. Or is it going to be after they did not they did not trade up in the third round for him to be a number three quarterback? Well, let me ask you this. Then Dave if you if you see me, Brian you agree with that sentiment. Yup. Earlier. Okay. So. Let's say this training camp preseason comes around Steelers are playing Mason. Rudolph looks good. Ben Rothlisberger is not playing. So they're getting a ton of rabs. Joshua dobbs. Look bad give Joshua Dobbs trade bait. Go ahead. One of you. Awesomely crude off roll roll with Brogan number three give Brogan I just love that name Brogan. It sounds made up. So you have broken could be your third quarterback and pick up a number three offish to number three Jones back who's gonna care thinking. If if you have Brogan number three if he's playing your season's done anyways. So you could definitely that's the thing if you're gonna you don't wanna keep Joshua Dobbs. If he's gonna sit in not even dress it made sense this year because Mason Rudolph was a rookie. He's getting acclimated. We owner stand that. But if what you say is true in this isn't really an open competition that is really Mason Rudolph going to be number two. Then in my opinion, they could trae Joshua dubs. He's better than a lot of quarterbacks. The NFL right now. I agree with that. I thought they were possibly shopping him last year. Some people felt that they were shopping Landry Jones last year. They said, oh, we should keep Dobbs because we can get more for Jones. We got nothing for Jones. And he didn't even he ended up on the Jaguars for what two or three weeks that was it. So maybe that just goes to show there's not a big market out there for our backup quarterbacks. Or maybe there's not a market for Landry Jones because his frigging Landry Jones through Jeff real quick. If you go ahead and Google Brogan Robak, which I did the very first thing. Is the number. Though, it says from TMZ hard knocks star Brogan Robak says he will do whatever it takes to make the Steelers and there's video of him like pointing just like this. So I love this guy even more not when I hear something like that. Thank you, Tonya, Harding and ANC Kerrigan I'll do anything it takes a whack somebody in the knee with a plight. You know? Coming up. God bless her. You know? Actually, I think it was last week..

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