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Call us sedan. Let's get started Bank of Clarke county is an equal housing lender. Member FDIC. Kimball. Hanan six fifty. Welcome back to Jim Bohannon show with our guest. Dr Richard Creighton, a Harvard, professor senior physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital and trained psychoanalyst. He's also author of the book out of control, gene calls in from Pittsburgh this evening to offer his thoughts on the subject, Katie K, a listener Hello Jean. Hey, jimbo. How are you? Fine. Thank you. All right. Greetings from Pittsburgh. So here's the question. We have a separation of church and state based on the constitutionality of not holding against somebody their race, religion or creed. Three things race religion creed. So we've outlawed the practice of any particular religion in our educational facilities. We've outlawed racial discrimination in all of our educational facilities. Where is the separation of creed? And state we're this far less credo is allowed to propagate and be preached from the educational pulpits to our kids like where's the legislation? To level the playing field on that. I I don't even hear it proposed. All right. I don't know that. A law of that sort might be very worthwhile. A doctor Creighton, I'm not sure how you would even words such such a law, and he thought you might have. I don't know that there's an existing law. That that deals with with create certainly nothing that I'm aware of. Picks it up. I think it's a dangerous thing. I think to begin to interfere with people's credos if you will. But I think need to the. Forces plays that tend to moderate the extreme of us, at least has manifested in the mainstream move of of society. And in addition, the idea of propagating one view only to the exclusion of others. I mean, it seems to me that that today's standard of tenure is that once you got Charles Manson somewhere teaching under ten year that you can get rid of him. I mean, there have to be some limits on who it is who practices all of this academic freedom. And what it is they say in the classroom. Once again, you know, apparently, we we do have a theory somewhat conservative government should place at least at the national level. And some of the suggestions that you made earlier I agreement with I think they need to step in to these educational facilities receiving credible funds and makes about if occasions news teach you what's being twelfth there. Yeah. Again. We'll we'll pause. We'll come back. We'll talk some more. But but simply I take note of of some of the problems that exist here, they're not without some possible solutions as Dr Richard Creighton has noted and it's high time, we we take serious serious. Look at just exactly what we can do because we are in a situation, which.

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