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Do one and a half million this year so if you had him at the deadline you're looking at about half of that. The orioles are not contending. They were just put him in as a stopgap at the shortstop position so as long as he stays healthy i think he gets moved to a contending team here. And he could be a nice upgrade for somebody out there for the marlins potentially starling. Marta could be on the market. The marlins traded for him not too long ago. But with them being out of contention right now in the national league east could they look to move him for a potential piece. I think so. Y'all have corey dickerson. That could be on the move for the marlins as well. They have a lot of depth down the outfield a lot of kids. Who are knocking on the door for miami and again if they're not gonna offer marseille or dickerson. Qualifying offer specifically marta. I don't want to lose him for nothing this offseason and it'll be interesting to see what kind of package they could get back. And if it'll be equivalent to the one. They gave up for him just a couple of years ago. Kole calhoun of the diamondbacks as well. Yes he's still on the injured list after undergoing hamstring surgery but he could be back here before the trade deadline. He was off to a nice start this year hitting two ninety two. He's got a track record established of being an above average bat. He's also a solid defender out there and right field. He's earned an eight million dollars this year. He has a nine million dollar club option for next year that has a two million dollar buyout so effectively a seven million dollar decision for teams looking at next year and of course for calhoun. The big thing is going to be proving that he is healthy. But if he is indeed healthy is time with the angels now at the diamondbacks. He's showing he can hit and he would be a nice outfield edition as well. So a lot of these outfielders that could be available. All comes down to price. What are we going to have to pay to give up for these guys. Do you go from michael taylor. Cheap robbie grossman kind of that next year. Or do you go for coco. Probably the best of the bunch but again going to cost you the most when it comes to potential prospect return jacob stallings of the pirates. I mean again. He's not a catcher right. So catchers don't usually get moved at the trade deadline but he's been averaged defensively this far you know so far. He's sitting in two sixteen. He's a career to fifty six hitter. He's only making one point. Three million dollar option is controllable through arbitration through twenty twenty four catching position obviously has a put on defense and he's above average defensively behind the dish so teams out there again. This position is probably one of the most needy across major league baseball. Which is why you have guys who are hitting two twenty to forty getting paid top dollar because if you can call a game you can manage a pitching staff. You can frame pitches you can get calls for your guys on the mound. You're definitely somebody teams are going to go after here and this could be a move the pirates. Really look for if they're going total rebuilt again if they hold onto him. It's just due to team control. But if he's not part of that next window you think of when you're going to compete out there and pittsburgh he could potentially be moved next grammarian marquee the rockies again gray and story look to be locked in marquees kind of on the bubble yeah. He's twenty six years old. He's under contract through twenty twenty three with a club option for twenty twenty four. So i mean it's tough right. He's got a four four seventy ra. But if you pull out one of his. Most recent starts where he gave up eight runs in one inning. It's at three point two eight so he's got good stuff on the mount ground ball rate of about fifty percent. I think he could potentially be moved to again. If you're the rockies going full rebuild is marquee really going to be there in the next two years when you guys are back to contention. I think this is a three to five year rebuild. So of course you want to sell high. And if you don't think you're going to get your best return maybe hold onto marquee kind of like matthew boyd their detroit but if he has a good stretch over the next couple of weeks you could strike while the iron hot and ultimately move on from him. Spencer turned bill for the tigers potentially on the markets. I think this one's a little bit far fetched but over his past two hundred innings. He's got a four to two era and he's really been performing well this year. So if you're the tigers and you're looking at this with a no hitter on the resume do you sell high on turn bill. Is he going to regress back to the mean and back to his average. And kinda like boyd. Hey if you don't trade him now you're not gonna get anything for him in the future so this could certainly be one of those sell high situations there in detroit but ultimately i think the hang onto him just because of the upside. He's shown so far this season next on the list. I got some orioles again. We talked about freddy garcia. But john means left handed pitcher. He's currently on the injured list. Like we talked about there at the top today show. But he's been one of the best pitchers so far this year now is it due to the substance. He's been using sticky substance. People are accusing him but if not he's under team control through twenty twenty four he could get a nice return based on his performance so far this year the also have anthony santan dare in the outfield's santan dare was one of the top prospects who recently came up is twenty eight years old and again with team control and arbitration from clubs perspective..

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