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I'm Mary Louise Kelley Cornish assault on Ghazni comes as the war in Afghanistan pushes seventeen years talk with the New York Times war. Correspondent who tells the story through the eyes of six US combatants which you get from them as the actual experience. Of the war and all. These years on you also get candor in Florida prosecutors charged men involved in a parking lot shooting with manslaughter police initially. Said, he was protected by stand your ground the downside of YouTube fame I definitely feeling Jane because I was trying to pump out an amazing video once, every, two, weeks or once every week now this news Live from NPR news in. Washington I'm Shay. Stevens US troops are in for their largest pay raise in nearly a decade under a new defense Bill that takes effect this fall north country public radio's Lauren Rosenthal has details from fort drum where. President Trump signed the legislation into. Law standing in front of an Apache helicopter flanked by howitzer artillery units President Trump said the military is about to. Get its second major funding. Increase since he took office we have seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars to give you the finest planes and ships and. Tanks, and missiles Anywhere on earth beyond earth the air force will also receive funding for. A precursor to the president's proposed space force. But those plans are still a ways. Off the new law doesn't actually take effect until October and congress still has to make a formal appropriation before any money can be spent for, NPR news, I'm Lauren. Rosenthal and fort drum veteran FBI agent speeders Peter Struck has lost his job a year after being removed from the Russia probe over his text messages. Criticizing then candidate Trump strokes attorney eight-tonne Goldman says his client's dismissal departs from typical FBI practice and, goes beyond the determination of the bureau's office of professional responsibility they decided appropriate punishment was sixty day suspension emotion Actually signed an agreement last chance agreement accepting those punishments and then a decision was reversed by the deputy director of the FBI we, started to be fired struck, testify before congress last month that his negative messages about Trump did not affect his work. A firing leisure national park is destroyed buildings on the north end of historic lake McDonald, lodge the busiest area of the park Nikki. Will let of Montana public radio reports that mandatory, evacuations remain in effect there and two campgrounds the evacuation orders were issued Sunday evening as strong winds. Fanned the how ridge fire burning more than twenty acres at the northern end of lake McDonald the park's iconic going to the sun road is closed from the, app guard visitor center to Logan pass including the avalanche and Sprague, campgrounds at our village in the eastern side of glacier remain open north west Montana hasn't seen. A wedding rain in about forty days the dry Lightening storm that ignited the how ridge fire Saturday. Nights sparked several fires across the region last summer the Sprague fire burned glaciers historic Sperry chalet backcountry dormitory twits stone foundations for NPR news I'm Nikki, will let in whitefish Montana most of you semi national park is set to reopen today following a twenty day closure due to a massive wildfire that killed two firefighters and burned one hundred, and fifty square miles the, park's closure came during peak tourist season this is NPR news The West Virginia house has voted to impeach. Four state supreme court justices including one who's already been. Suspended lawmakers say. Spending habits of justices violated state law and didn't stop until the IRS challenge. Them minority Democrats on the House Judiciary committee tried to speed, up the impeachment process they wanted to. Beat today's deadline for setting up in November special. Election to replace any justices who might step down or be removed from office the Baltimore police officer seen in a viral. Video that, emerged over the weekend. Has, resigned as NPR's, Brockton, Booker, reports officials are not ruling out. Criminal charges interim police Commissioner Gary tuggle. Says the now former cop could be charged with second degree assault he adds that the actions captured on video of an officer landing punch after crushing. Punch were unacceptable the repeated head. Strides toward the head are disturbing the attempt. To take this individual Ground was sort of very very postive the head strikes necessary to the Baltimore police department was already under intense. Scrutiny last year Baltimore entered a consent decree after a Justice department report found that blacks were disproportionately. Targeted for stops and arrests in this instance both parties. Were African American. Braxton Booker NPR news on stock markets in Asia shares are mixed up over. Two percent in Tokyo mic concerns about Turkey's economy Wall Street, stocks closed lower the Dow Jones industrial. Average falling one hundred and twenty five points I'm. Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington Support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include. The doors Duke charitable foundation, whose clinical scientists development, awards support promising early, career physician scientists and their research efforts to improve. Human health and Americans for the arts.

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