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State of Texas for forty nine months. As you know, we got a government shutdown underway and the Federal Aviation Administration officials who inspect planes for safety are deemed to be not essential. So they cannot show up to work during the shutdown. Crawford was traveling to Reagan airport a DC. She was amazed by hearing that honestly don't understand how somebody like that is on on essential personnel. Assume that situations like this one lead those people in place more than partial shutdown is in its third week and President Trump called for a shutdown because congress wouldn't approve the money for his border wall with Mexico tonight. He's going to talk to you the American people about this border wall in the government shutdown. What does the president need to say tonight live on NewsRadio KLBJ beginning at eight o'clock this evening that may win you over and say, yeah, we should build a wall. That's a good idea. Or do you think he's just got nothing to say what so ever do you think he's in over his skis on this? One jump in here at five one two eight three six zero five Shurmur say the address tonight will be full of malice and misinformation and they demand equal airtime while they see what they demand equally demand. Equal Airtel step up to a microphone lady and start talking. Pete and bashed rob good morning. Morning gentlemen last. I looked nasty shut up in like thirty years. So. Let's about I never do. Anyway, my comment was Donald Trump actually storm idea we're talking about a Wonka thirty years. My wallet costs a lot more into the hundreds of billions because it would be toppled the highway or requested hundred yards you'd have anti personnel. Power cure KFA rubber bullets, and maybe even real ones a fee, but we we don't secure the border where your shoot ourselves in the foot all these people that are in upper educational funding. Eat up our medical resources are causing this far more than one hundred trillion dollars a year. So I this argument that anybody coming up with against as well as far as I'm concerned, all they're doing is turning stuff. They heard on MSNBC, and they hate Trump. And that's it. There's no rational logical thoughts or anything going on between their their ears to make them say. No, this is not a good idea. Yeah. PTA your friends and family. Do they agree with you? Everybody's got. I mean, if you're an independent thinking person, you're always gonna have somebody. That's got a different perspective than you. Right. And I even know what we need to make it to where workers construction workers they should be able to come in Asia. They should have quick easy access to visas. Where we screaming for diseases for criminal behavior stuff like that. We can make it look a military entrance processing where we literally, you know, can take tens of thousands of people at a at a time. The military trained. I know you've been talking about this idea for twenty years. I hear you, man. Thank you Johnny downtown. Good morning. Your journey. Good morning. You know, Trump would just stay on message and stick to back. He can win this argument all day long. I got you just stick with the facts tonight when he addresses the nation well as coming from the Oval Office show, it'll be very very formal. And imagine that he will stick to script. He'll be reading from a teleprompter tonight. I'm sure user win from the Oval Office. That's that's the kind of form it takes that. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. It makes me a little nervous and more..

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