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You know because this dude looks like a lady that's a fact but there are some other songs out there you know turn the page that's what i didn't know about turn the page you know he talks about he walked into a restaurant and everybody can't tell if he's a man or a woman because he's got long hair back in the seventies you know guys wore their hair long before yeah gas not from behind sometime reminding now ask some questions if you tell the difference in a woman and a man from behind both of you always we need to ask that's a good point you'll just stop talking leave the talking to me no more no more commentary from y'all can't tell the difference what what i got you boxed in now you can do attorney general jeff sessions here is the story and i may have to save the las vegas conspiracy theory which is my favorite went to later conservative treehouse back on march the eighth says there has been a great deal of consternation directed towards attorney general jeff sessions surrounding the ongoing fiso abuse scandal and the larger issues of unlawful doj and fbi conduct and their political investigation of candidate donald trump is a matter of great division mid people who follow the details we've had caller after caller upset with jeff sessions because it appears that he is just either so focused on illegal immigration which is fine at the plus i big loss for the future of the country but people want him to be doing something about what appears to be wrongdoing in the fbi department of justice it cetera et cetera now you and act chris talked about look you can't go after the former president and you probably don't get gain anything going after hillary clinton even though i think she committed crime after crime after crime but if people in the fbi and the doj have committed crimes and done things wrong i think there has got to be a reckoning for them now conservative treehouse is saying that in an interview with shannon bream over at fox news week or so ago that he said he had a pointed a special prosecutor which is different than these public special counsel now this is what he said will this is not my jeff sessions voice i have great respect for mr gowdy and chairman good light.

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