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Rehearsal is held today for the inauguration of Joe Biden officials have begun checking the backgrounds of all 25,000 National Guard members patrolling the capital, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy says they're trying to make sure there are no threats from the inside continually. Going through the process and look taking 2nd 3rd looks at every one of the individuals assigned to this operation. More arrests in the capital Writer expected this week. NBC's Erica Turkey has more the FBI has received tips containing more than 150,000 photos and videos, many from relatives and friends of those suspected of taking part in the riot. Volume and quality of the images help agents identify the writers over the weekend. The FBI arrested Brandon Fellows has connected in New York and accused him of breaking into Senator Jeff Merkley is office while wearing a fake orange beard. There have now been more than 100 arrests on federal and local charges, and authorities say they won't stop until they have everyone in that mob. Erin Kotowski ABC News Washington was a heavy military presence of state capitals nationwide over the weekend, but not too many protesters showed up and things remain peaceful. For the most part. Is it in. Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani says he will not be on the president's legal team for the impeachment trial because, he says he also gave a speech at the pro Trump crowd before the riot. He is considered a witness. 400,000 Americans have now died of the Corona virus, and doctors think it'll hit about a half million By mid February. Meantime, a lot of cities there running out of the vaccine, the government is pushing for a least 50 million doses to be distributed by the end of January. So far, only 31 million have gone out. And now another challenge. At least 20 states have confirmed cases of that more contagious UK mutation of.

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