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In order for the ages new order order for a new world. And this is you talked about your. This is an ancient symbol. I mean it's an on the sonic symbol on our dollar. It's on a bill. That's what's on my books and this is the exact translation of what's honored on the dollar bill. So that's our opportunity here in in this country is well. Yeah that's right we've gotten lost on that you know it's gotten time to bring you back in a better way always like push down now. There's opportunities coming out all right. Well I said how crazy it seems James. It's no I still think it has unfortunately has to get a little crazy for people to wake up. You have to have the experience. That's what I found. You can read about all kinds of things in the paper but it's not really. It's like people are starving in another country we go. Oh that's too bad. They're hungry because I'm not and and that's really how people go along in their life and then when you're don't have any food or your kid doesn't for someone you love you know the meaningful. Just what you're saying. The other day I had a woman from Venezuela in my car. She told me that they they had to her family to send her brother toilet paper paper because he couldn't buy it because they can only go to destroy one day a week because the government is hoarding. All the money. The president's daughter has like eight hundred million dollars in her bank account. What are they doing? What do you mean seen her parents fled and you know she's been here? She has a good job. She works her bio Marin I mean you you know but oh my goodness I'm grateful. Yeah we would hope that people don't have to experience the those tragedies kinds of the executive madness you can still have empathy and and a solution Shen for what can you do. What can you do and right now? You could probably just go down the local park and feed the guy who's sitting in the park right now. I mean you could actually go do that and those are the kinds of things that we want to impart to people. You really can do something right now. Fun Call No key key Mongo and people doing mindless things happening way. Points crypto currency points for doing good things the world now. It's it's so important. I wish we didn't have to live with you know. I wish the exchange wasn't just money. Honey I waited with bartering just other ways of doing things. It's all part of the Knicks right now my life you know I mean I do the two but when you have to give something that you don't WanNa get though I mean it's it's interesting money's almost most the easy you write a check and easy but if you actually had to who gives blood who gives a room in their house to somebody who's homeless this who gives really really gives it's the different conversations and people really willing to do it and I'm not sure that everybody really is willing to do it but can we start with a kind word or would you really feel telling the guy you know. Take a hike. Can you say something else. 'cause there's part of us that doesn't want to do do it but will you do it. There's there's a lot of homeless in San Francisco home and at times all I have the time to do 'cause I have people we'll just say bless you bless you bless you. I descend blessings out because I don't know what else to do at that moment. Sometimes just looking them in the eye and touching them. Ah You know acknowledging but just the bigs is. They don't want by catch people's is all that's unexperienced recently Last year with Shanti Meeting One of these guys in actually taking him in he totally transformed. Ah Living under a bridge and fighting now. He's finding himself alcoholic all his challenging things going on and you know a different person and seeing that happened with some love just of transport and the interesting thing he had some medical challenges that he never would have had addressed considering where he was living and so he was able to eat good food which was a bit of a complaint Sir but then it got some medical attention that he needed and now he's just like beaming. It's unbelievable it was. Sometimes it was a little irritating to have have somebody else in your house. I understand that he you know or all of them allow themselves but you know at giving like that for thirty years so it wasn't new. Knew it was his last two. I saw a man and his feet were just totally black. It makes me want to cry because eight. Yeah now we we have a lot the last I know. I thought there's actually some in the parking lot ask you can't. There's some shoes right down the street here. We want him to walk before. Yeah I know. But it's the disenfranchised people and there's you know there's groups on the the people have coming out of prisons and people in the in in the you know the psych part of our world in the drug the drugs young people and that's one thing I wanted to mention about the PTSD and and the virtual reality that's so interesting people who can't get out of the thought process virtual reality takes you into a completely different place on your back here and you're sitting having this conversation your brain knows can actually think anything. Now that wasn't able to do before and it creates new pathways positively and that's what we're bringing positive spaces for people that are uplifting and give you hope in sharing that he has that it's a bad one key I've known about the virtual this three d the world holographic says the future Two years ago when I heard of one of the studies that was being studied they actually implemented a technology jammed. Tested it with veterans and this guy who had lost his arm for twenty years. He was in phantom pain. Bernie Phantom pain with his arm the program they put them into virtual reality. He was able to see his hand put into snow in immediately the paint twenty years. Yeah yeah brings us another different break. We're only using move get stuck we get stuck in the loops and that's again the game even without out the virtual reality gets you out of because you have to make associations to things that are random. That's why I always when I have a very momentous dream I I wake up. I write it down because it's party was going on and the future that's really not so disconnected is connected because we live in this world. This dreamworld as well just to the wake dreamworld in. That's the point of the game. Is that we you know. How do we deal with the imagery imagery in the you know what comes up in our dreamworld usually forget it? But now we're in this world than we can treated like we're in a dream world and understand the symbols that are happening right. What's discouraged this crash in from a big part of life to us and there's probably a lot of mysteries that would be solved absolutely Mike Story? Yeah Yeah you know what. We only have a minute and forty five to go whether started. That's brand oh gosh well I so appreciate you being here. This has been. I'm I'm really delighted to see what you're doing because it's like now snap and have happened. Join US in the revolution. I'm yeah there's this is what we said earlier. This is the next space for the human rights. This is this is about recruited Nick's next I remembered it to the human race with you know it's poetic. It's you know in the edits. HIP would the happy birthday happy. No gods all that all. That's open up. We hope you enjoy today's Today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life emailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation at for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you further please visit. It's Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift. 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