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We just focus on whatever is. To make me not feel uncomfortable in the moment. Yeah. I mean, the other thing I try to think about is like, well, this is what I got. Right. You know, like this is what I got. So what am I going? You know, what am I going to obviously, there's parts of it? I can Troy control edgy next. I, you know. The planes delayed. What are you gonna do? Yeah. I mean, basically sounds like a sublime song. Yeah. Was like, that's what you get. You know, it is you got. Yeah. Yeah. But we spend so much time either telling ourselves that what we got is because we're magical and special, and that's the ego part of it or that this is so unfair. And then we deserve better, blah, blah, blah, and Satish going. It is what it is. But there are good. I mean, you know, again, it's such a. The eagle was almost. It's almost like a a weapon in a way. It's like you can get cut by. But it can also be helpful too. In the sense that if we didn't have some sense of it, we might never strive to do anything better because we might not believe that we could like the fact that, you know, anyone thinks like, well, I have an idea that's going to change the world. I mean, maybe that's good that we have some of that. Yeah. Look, it's a balance. I mean, I guess the fear with the fear with the show dropped. It's good that I dropped it. It's good that I dropped on me. I appreciate that. I dropped it. It's like, yeah. If you become if you become enlightened to stop caring about everything right now. I mean, it seems like a lot of the enlightened people that I admire still did a lot, you know. And so. I don't know it is it is a fear. But I say like ego is fuel, but it's bad fuel in the way that like anger is bad fuel. But have you seen the Michael Jordan hall of fame speech? No, it's the it's the one reads crying the memories. Yeah. But he gives this speech when he wins, the his inducted to the Basketball Hall of fame, and it should it should be this crowning moment of chievements for him. He's honored by all his peers. He's like a billionaire is the best basketball player who ever lived. And like he opens the speech by he's invite so famously you gets cut from his high school basketball team. He invites that dude to the speech to say like you were wrong like he's he's so held onto the anger in them along. And it's like he literally then speaks for like the next thirty minutes, basically bring up every slight and ensure and insult he's ever received. And how these were all fuel for him. And it's like totally inappropriate for the setting. And it's increasingly awkward in everyone in the audience is deeply uncomfortable. And you're just like, oh, this is the problem with being motivated by anger, which is that it it works in the short term. Then you can't turn it off like so it's like he even complains in the talk about how expensive the tickets to the event were and he points to his kids. And he goes, you don't even appreciate like how much I pay for you to. And you're just like, wow. It's almost sad. And I think it could take it out of context. It doesn't sound like a totally miserable person. So I don't mean to imply that. But you're just like the problem with it is you can't turn it off. Right. And it's like you keep it's like if you keep the wounds Ross, you can use them. They just never heal. Oh, right. If you use that as fuel for the that's what's going to magnify. That's what's going to percolate in your soul. And it's never and then nothing's ever going to be like, and you go Montoya than a Princess bride. Like I've been in the revenge. Visit for song. I don't know what to do with my life now. Yeah. It's like he used being angry at this guy to get him back on the high. You've got back on the high school basketball team the next year, but he's still holding onto it like forty years later like that sucks. Yeah. That's the problem with eagle and anger has fueled. Yeah. And it's an in in subtle art, not giving a fuck..

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