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Hello everybody i'm peter travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies end there's a movie now which i love called detroit it set in nineteen 67 during the detroit riots but it has a lot to say about how we live now and my guest today i guess you know him because he did that little star wars thing and is continuing to do but in this movie this is a different john boyega so different john boyega welcome thank you while casiraghi in terms of detroit you play in a real person yep tell us a little about this guy that you well melvin does muses so you're a young man who's trying to go for life with two jobs one of which he says he's a private security guard for this grocery store he is an introvert very softspoken an and means well and on the night of the riots he decided to go out and and try and help but but unfortunately fru from several altercations and been witness to the horrific events that happened at the algiers mattel he brought into the story in ends up being charged with firstdegree murder so it's it's a it's a twist of fate for it well it's incredible because what we're seeing basically we're seeing a lot of bad behaviour from the white cops oh this algiers motel incident jesse seven three young black men are killed just nine of whom are beaten two white women are completely tortured during this time about what's going on in your guy is saying look maybe i can be a calming influence on this powderkeg gums the ryan i mean for me i i am speaking to him you don't wake up in the morning and and do you know decide to find yourself in that situation so decisionmaking is everything can he has to be very very strategic he knew that his presence at the motel could perhaps sway the police force at the time while they were there but at the same time he was kicked out of that scenario in that situation and then ended up being one of the when the victims in this.

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