Justin Brosseau, Jason Powell, Perecent Dot Net discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast - WKPWP - Thursday Flagship w/Keller & Sean Radican (09-07-2017)


And that their statement on their website is quote their one and only statement and then it was on to johnny nitro talk so you know tf w not wanting to to ditch dirt or talk a lot about this but i think it was good that they got ahead on the story and release that statement through their websites so let's we'll keep an eye on that story you can follow it on pw torch dot com you can check out the sports illustrated story by justin brosseau also jason powell over at perecent dot net has had some good stories in some good analysis on it i know he's really plugged in over there so check that out if you want to get the latest on the situation i sean let's turn the page to talk about the mayo classic tournament because this is one of i think the really cool aspects of wwe network wwe has financial incentive because of the value added aspect of the european tournament cruiserweight tournament nxt takeover specials nxt themselves and now the mayhem on classic too produce original content that normally just would not have seen the light of day unless it was like back in the day some sort of special dvd release and so we get this collection of thirty two women from around the world but they bring it and feature with really nice production values jim ross and lead up i'm commentary charlie caruso standing in front of the big big video wall with the tournament brackets wellproduced video segments really good use of camera angles at full sale and great lighting i mean just it's it's the dream scenario for presenting a sort of alternate products out there i've really been happy with the production values i mean would it be better i don't even know if would be better in a big arena full of rabid fans have been gets that would be but i really like with wwl wbz's done with the presentation and then they went out scouted and brought it a lot of the women shot in a broad macro sets talk about what you think of the job that they've done in terms of the women they brought in and the way they format it it in presented it dropping four episodes at a time forbids viewing the last two weeks europe russian of the tournament so far.

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