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Today I'm joined by Lucy Park the director of the documentary film solidarity and USA. Have Dave Smith you features felt Lucy Festival? If I can ask you. Did the film comfortable. How do the film about 'em so I met George Fuller? He's in the film in Two thousand twelve. When I was in a writing group he was putting of and he was writing by experience of being blacklisted ads. And then I went with him to has the parliament to some meetings that were happening and then got to the Butler support group and gradually decided to make a film. Dave can I ask you? How did you first meet Lucy? And when she did approach you where you want. The whole idea of the film will met Lucy when she turned up with Joel. Gibb one of these parliamentary meetings. We ads and also the head coach. We will see an ad Rota justice about once a month for its own and actually from being skeptical. We were over the Mon. Someone was interested in what we're doing. And the case because most of the mainstream media it's completely so you've bypassed occasional bits on the on the Talian in the newspapers but you know it would just be era mayor and if emission was really looking for in probably missing so someone who's interested in doing a film we you know we say come on join US coming Joe and it was great and the film itself. Let me just briefly explain for our listeners. Solidarity. It's about a bunch of people who've been blacklisted mainly from the construction industry and Dave. Can you tell me very briefly? Become what your story is It wouldn't work out when Alexis go. I and I was also very Union member was a union safety net so I raised concerns mass by Stocks Building Salvatore flow in toilets. If I remember one time a young lad fell off a scaffold. Always say you know so. Add Safety Paul and the bike stories the even in the middle of the building boom I just now is the network when it was allowed to work around suddenly odd get Giovanni Beta a couple days or a few weeks I would lose my job. People sort of talks about blackness but it was only a little bit urban myth and name in two thousand and Knowing Government Department Information Commission did ride and found his blackness foil. We still being kept Tony. And because the government department you can apply to get a copy of your follow and my father always six pages. Long Scott Monnaie address. The national insurance number covers a fifteen year period more work. Quite stifling really eight yes I mean it's got the job complained about a special Caesar. Colby job rural complained about young fellow. Fallen off the scaffold and is recorded in the job complained about the oil. It's regarded it and it's basically the big multinational construction firms. Who MANAGES WOULD KEEP TABS? Zonja and then send information was kept on a centralized advice and every time you have to get a job one of the big buildings so it's anywhere in the country the big companies who checked to save your nine on this list and if it was you never got a job or if you're lucky enough to get on the job once they found out you were a sect you which is not very well documented now and even the Companies Doing Lucy when you start to Dell DEEPA. We'll use surprised by what you would discover it. He's thinking back now. No but at the time yes I think so. For example with Joe Jr case which which was the shock for me the fact that he'd been raising gathering signatures for a petition around homelessness and Housing tickly for women. That was shocked to me. The company would use that to keep track on him but Intensive how particularly in the construction industry how much they are working with voice to a med. That is not too much bishop. Now I feel like through learning about the blacklisting case I've I've developed movement understanding of how systems operate but I think also just tive socially how conditioned we are not to speak out and not to complain and I think it's really helped me to understand whether things come from in terms of being surprised about people being blacklisted. I think the extent to which it was an extent to which for example Ian Was employed to keep track of these lists the amount of companies in amount of h People who were invoked that feels to me like still like the surprise that that system can support something that is destroying people's lives. I mean I'm sure. Many listeners will be quite surprised to hear about this because of all all you're doing is by looking off to work. His all fighting for ordinary wrightson human minds. That really the the finger at noise of all of us is the if what we were doing was burning places down organizer so in people. They know you know. There's there's an understanding about why someone might keep tabs on your. What would we would. Just you know. Raising concerns about health and safety or in fact the very first Ngoma follow is about. I'm Pie. Why jeez actually it's from nineteen not to and he says. I was involved in its dispute over several weeks unpaid wages so because we have to remember it's I actually. We've done the work to be. You know that was enough to get nine on the follow and some of the things that paper on the foil for it's just it's just not and irrelevant and I remember one of the followers. He says that the person was saying where an anti Nazi league badge. And it's shown to be a member what he will remain to be. Anti Nazi thing. It's it's the facts the you know. Otherwise accepted be companies more. Not like you. If you're you know. Interrupt their ability to might profit bates. The it's instant death for the intrusion and it's the number of companies that are involved. We're talking about the biggest multinational firms fads all of these companies. Were doing this to me. Towns incredible depth all detail but they kept on individuals. I'm just amazed I mean even thinking about your family's just still amazed. I think lots of people are amazed. But we're so I think learning I guess about how the trade union movements been oppressed through from its initial founding. 's An the fact of the things race around trajan issues Isn't surprising so when you when you look at it in the history of oppression of the left. It's less of a surprise. If I'm honest. Very few of us were surprised. There is a blacklist. What was surprised? Rosie stayed the depth of it. But but since we've been running this campaign loads of stuff has come out for about. Monsanto spun on activists of McDonald spun on activists this stuff even in the newspapers this week about these banks by went on their own staff and so big corporation span on vice disagree with their managerial tactics and a more interrupt their ability to you know might money isn't really something new. I mean you know with that too bad. We capitalism these big corporations at Edsa Mike Money and and and if as a group of workers we're standing up fruit juice with their profit margins than in a get why they're doing a Dunkin. We shouldn't be surprised. I'm shocked at the intrusion outraged but I'm not really surprised that they were doing. I think one thing that I'm Steve. He's in the film. Steve Kennedy took about is feeling the feelings that his family didn't believe him. And the feeling that you'll so call a conspiracy theory and that's where I feel like it's really important that people know about people's experiences because it's evident Eric stand to read it and to see so and I think people have those fears speaking out but when you can see in black and white that this is a reality questions conspiracy. Just get moving on from that as well. Because it's not only just the corporations who've involved and you mentioned a number of other companies have been poked as well accused of spying on their star form or the workforce the police have also been. This is an arm of the state is also been involved in this timeline. If I want to stretch the bit that we're all shocked when you say is sometimes it's very obvious. Waiting INFORMATION COMES FROM. It's from a manager on a building so complained about the two when it's off complained about my anti white. She's outside information kits.

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