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But because he's so loose if he got past the first down marker, he had a touchdown go through his hands, which you probably kicking himself about. But I think his snaps. They're not going to be a whole lot, but I think he's going to find ways to make plays in space. And he still has that wiggle. Right. So the team that I cover every day. And you certainly cover more than most people nationally because you live here now you're obviously bouncing around you go to Kansas City lie released. You certainly have the last couple years. You will plenty down Brady of 2019. Yeah, exactly. And I'm sure he'll be here in the home's going go from pretty soon, but The Broncos. It almost feel like they're just stuck and not even neutral. They're stuck in part because when von goes down like he did And then shortly after that, Courtland Sutton down drew locked now for anywhere from to wish the five who knows And plus the other little injuries and that little when you talk about age, a boy, obviously a starting corner. Lindsay felt Lindsay had, you know has played a half and didn't do much in that very first half so far, and likely won't be out there again this week. What sort of I mean, there really? Is there any buzz about the Broncos? And what kind of sense do you have about this scene? Because talking plenty of players on the record and off the record. They're not ready to fold up there. There. No their tent and go home, I guess, but And I think that's the mentality I get from the team, and I think that's mentality the league gets is that they are a team that's not going to roll over and I think if you look at both games, um they could've won both games. I mean, they should have won the first one, and then they had a chance to win the second one against a team in the Steelers that after all, the injuries you just listed is just a more talented team. My big thing that I've been preaching is I wanted this year to have a lot of competitive games and a lot of growth from a very, very young offense. That's what I was looking for. Because in my mind It's just very difficult to be a playoff team to be a team competing for a Super Bowl with so much youth and inexperience in games like for instance. You go watch the game in Seattle between Russell Wilson and Cam Newton Guys have been through it forever, and we'll find a way to get their team to win. Drill hasn't been through those things. You know, This young team has not been through those things. I wanted them to go through those, and I didn't actually really care. And I'm always rooting for the Broncos because it keeps me see my family more often than actually really like everybody. But anyway, I'd like To see the growth toe where were right there. And even if the winds are with it were right there in 2021 is like, all right, we learned a boatload here this season. This is what we're going to carry it into with a very young team. I think there is a changing of the guard that's happening here. You kind of noticed that when Vaughan went down not to write off on he's won the greatest Broncos of all time. Brady today rave and said, he's one of the greatest defensive players of all time in NFL history, But you're kind of after the injury since the changing of the guard of like this is Drew La Courtland Sutton. This is their team. You know what I mean? And and so I want to see them compete. And I think that is happening right here. That entire interview with me and James Palmer on the Broncos daily podcast Wherever your podcasts free I radio ops my favorite place for it. But we talked for about 20 minutes. If you want a little more detail on the bucks and everything going on down there..

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