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Arms has great experience in sec. The top one. The top college football conferences. And the buccaneers can really had never have offense alignment and having that depth and joining a championship or organization. I think alex leatherwood would be a buck near for quite some time so just to recap twelve. Thirty two I've got or thirteen thousand three to got the chargers. Letting kyle pits the vikings selecting patrick's retain at number fourteen overall. I've ever jets trading up with new england to select. Michael parsons the pencil. State linebacker at number fifteen number sixteen. I've got the cardinals. Selecting often to tackle christian dare saw number seventeen overall pick. I've got the las vegas raiders. Selecting jesse horn the cornerback out of south carolina and then the dolphins selecting another wide receiver shod bateman with number eighteen. The number nineteen overall pick is belong to the washington football team and then selecting travis. Eta the clemson running back star that of the national championship in college. Football playoff over the last three or four years number twenty overall pick. I have chicago. Bears selecting kevin jenkins the offensive tackle out of oklahoma state To over the colts selecting. Qadir's tony the wide receiver florida. I have the time selecting quickly. Pay the out of michigan and twenty three overall the new england patriots in that trade back scenario To select dylan moses the linebacker out of alabama. The pittsburgh steelers grab. They're running back and fill that need right away. With nausea harris at twenty four overall the jaguars at a weapon trevor lawrence and allies. You're more the wide receiver out of ole miss at twenty five and the browns at that defense in selecting jeremiah. Osha core mora number twenty six overall choice. Seven overall pick. I the raven selecting targets marshall the lsu receiver and number twenty eight overall the new orleans saints selecting trayvon morgue tcu safety number twenty nine overall one of my favorite picks of this entire why it's mock draft one point out the packers selecting rondell number thirty overall pick greg newsom the corner out of northwestern a guaranteed start away. Her your first out guarantee he's going to start right away in. He is going to bills at thirty. Then i have the chiefs drafting walker little tackle out of stanford and the buccaneers selecting. Alex leatherwood offensive lineman out of alabama with thirty second overall. Pick in the nfl draft. So before i get to my my Final segment of the day Just wanted to say once.

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