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Just on something data so chocolate crazy. I'm you're still in vegas on lady to a comeback on set. He just does shocked on the governor. Not just him. As people in other states that is going to end the pandemic paul claiming unemployment that was to end as timber and closing is not gonna start too late summer late tomor. Well i know. I'm not going back home until july. And then also again november. Now i'm back to well. I'm already been the king of layaway. But i'm glad i paid off the. I'm glad i paid all diaz second back-back clues for a birthday. We gotta figure out how to did. Get the podcast moment. Because that's an august and they want to pull down to be over before june. You know the unemployment photo the one that we would only get two hundred dollars and the one three but they're going to go back to post covid regular unemployment so that's gonna not mean everybody else that will unemployment unemployment because of the pandemic not being able to get a now and low holy started already paid off already with the tar already paid off a couple of bills or mattie and one i pay for like four months. I don't have to pay one. Bill would just my Which is my Plot desk pulls closer to my wife. I pay and i don't have to worry about that too. Toper might have him cast on the hotel and staying at the one. That's downtown's because this one deathly helped me make the decision on where i'm gonna stay to us. I'll have to wind up. Traveling back to the podcast. We'll be good. Because i can get unemployment and then i'm be back to the two payments midgely getting and then we oncoming both for skim leader. I we do the story. Hold on this. This is just two days ago. Just two days swing now yet. Two days ago. I was when i was just him. So the mid theory cancel three three hundred dollar federal unemployment benefit tight labor shortage off jefferson Now motivated governor governor Might pearson has announced that Theory will join several states and in pandemic related federal Poco data clue esta payment to unemployed workers the heated pearson said on third on tuesday. Yeah i was he on tuesday that the additional benefits are causing labor shortage in the state and are hindering the state's economy a a A charge echoed by catava groups in republican governors in several other states. Maybe a maybe my join Another party my switch on now but anyway. We know that one of the last remaining hurdles to full economical corp cuddly if addressing disabled shortage in with the unemployment and only four point two percent there are still two thousand twenty one twenty one thousand two hundred sixty six known job posting across the state gonna pinson the solution to this close. This gap is not well. He don't want you. Don't want people with the money on this going to rebuild the rest of the store. I don't want to hear their side. I don't want to hear that The termination Determination announced today apply to the following program pandemic unemployment Assistants on that for the travel agency Emergency unemployment relief for government entities the nonprofit organization federal Democ unemployment compensation ten emergency unemployment compensation one hundred Burst of short time Compensation benefit costs paid under state law. missed owner unemployment compensation of the federal unemployment. Kobe won The federal program on blended program. I health through the american Rescue plan had been an essential lifeline to a distant Louis missouri and and across a diesel. Deathly needed Lethal i'll help into create. Keep our committee Healthy fed and how and how whites us congresswoman. Carl book Carl bush carly bush Okay so i'm going to share the story. I'll shared the story on facebook. But they will if yeah is where the the other I will governor kim. Kim runoff made a similar announcement That tuesday mississippi announced on monday the state will end the the unemployment benefit at tech sector. June twelve in arkansas announced on friday. It planned the additional payment montana and.

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