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I was correct khalid sheikh mohammed the pakistani socalled mastermind of the september eleven attacks it's been tried in us court he's sitting in onetonne i'm always fifty three years old uh i don't wish him long life but i certainly don't wish him any change of status at any point he will not be peralte's an evil evil man also tried in us courts have been zachariah mosow muneer elmo to saudek ramsey been i'll sheib mustafa othman all hawass see ali abdel aziz alley and the effervescent while he'd been otto rush they all have been tried in us courts and uh look i i know that there's been a lot of thought that we should pursue the entire matter as a military matter rather than as a police matter where you bring a defendants to trial but either way for someone to believe that we've never followed up on september 11th and that there's a lot of evil out there there's there's all kinds of evil out there but to say that the united states hasn't devoted some of our finest american resources and energies and heroic individuals two fighting against islam or nazi terror is simply wrong one eight hundred nine five five seventeen 76 michael in phoenix you're on the michael medved show michael how are you and then there well or i god bless you uh i was my comment is about daca and i i see the what's going on right now with uh what president trump has done with it this is a win win win for everybody president trump gets to keep a campaign promise i'm ben congress gets to become heroes by legislating daca into law just the way it is president trump had no problems with dhaka the way it was except for the fact that it was illegally brought in by by obama all he wants to them to do it and i think i think and again that i think that would be the best case scenario i do think that steve bannon might be right however which is and i hate to say it but i think steve bannon's comment is well taken is that if there is a huge internal republican fight about daca it will be very bad for the party which is why those pro i've had people who do want to give dreamers some chance to legalise their status and to.

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