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The Indian A toll road at the moment, But if you see something going on, let us know the W. BBM traffic tip line is 8557 80 wrote 8557 80. 76 23 Next traffic at 7 28 NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM coming up a very unusual M o for a bank robber in the suburbs over the weekend. Partly sunny, Pleasant day. Low humidity high of 86 today but upper seventies near like, 69 68. Midwives, 71 lakefront going up to a comfortable 86 become news time. 7 20 Top story this hour. There's new research this morning showing that Coben, 19 a disease that affects the respiratory tract left half his patients in the study with heart damage, one of the study's authors advocates for advocates, rather for echocardiogram for covert patients because it could result in better treatment about much more on this story coming up at 7 31 He had an unusual output in an unusual getaway vehicle. The feds watch your help finding the guy who robbed a western Burman bank on Saturday Man pulls up to the front door of the Glen Ellyn Bank and Trust on Roosevelt Road, just east of Main Street on a bicycle robs the place and takes off. However, authorities have a pretty good lead on this one. He was caught on security video from various angles and his outfit Well. It was a cross between Indiana Jones, a cowboy and a construction worker in pictures, which you can check out a W B b m news radio dot com. The man who appears to be around 50 years old is wearing a wide brimmed, light colored hat, a red bandanna shorts and a long sleeve T shirt and a yellow and orange reflective vest. Feds say he did not show a weapon and no word on how much money he rode off with on his bicycle. In Glen Ellyn, Jennifer Kipper News Radio, 105.9 FM in 90 seconds. A smart quiz question, then the morning business news with land, Walter. But you maybe got news time. 7 21 J. Foreigner here, CEO of Rocket Mortgage Making the right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turned a rocket mortgage, we can help guide.

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