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Half to these teams. Don't play bad games against each other in this competition. No no as As was remarked. Here's liverpool lou trailing milan at halftime and going on to come back and win the game. So where have we seen that before that the best champions league final all-time who for me it is. It's so good. it's so good. He put me on the spot there. No i thought cardiff in two thousand seventeen. After munzu pitches goal was going to be that kinda give and then the dribbles. Run away with it. oh god. That's a good question. I i would have to. I'd have to think a bit more about that. Because united and bayern munich had the most unbelievable ending but it was largely a terrible game. Wasn't a good game. I i was thinking about real madrid. Athletico madrid the extra time for one. That was bronco scoring right at the end to send text or time but like in terms of again there's a buyer munich. Russia dortmund have had a thrilling finish. But it was not a very good game no You know so there. There's a difference between those two. You can have dramatic finishes without the game rises the level of what that ac milan liverpool match was. I agree with you sir. Yeah i'd have to think harder you might be going back. Might be going back. Further on and like there was a period the ladies into the early nineteen european culprit was just dour. The first european called that i watched. What ninety-one oh my god. Oh my god. I'll just off again. We continue you have anything else on that one. No i don't not to be not not to not to leave liverpool fans wanting more buddha. Now i have nothing else. Manchester city rb leipzig six three. I believe only three champions league matches have featured more goals than the nine scored in this one. Six different goalscorers for manchester city It was an incredible offensive display from them. Little bit of frailty defense for and leipziger are are very good team and kuku was fantastic posting a hat trick. Just the fourth player to score hatrick. A champions league match for the losing team An incredibly entertaining game. This was yeah. It was very very good. I think my favorite city goal was Jack relish is great. Yeah yeah coincide. Carter then top corner on. It's amazing to think he's twenty five now that's his first Again it goes to show you. I mean it's you was at aston. Villa villas well. Well if they'd taken the money from tottenham. he would have already had. How many champions league gals daniel eighty couldn't spend four million more ridiculous. Yeah that one really. That grinds your gear does but yeah city were city. Were very very good. Life's h very very good to Incan kuna was going to be on the end of everybody's tongue as we entered the period. There's a period that happens. It's round on assay. Invoke tober starved november where people just ramp into transfer speculation already and his name is going to come up no. I don't think he's gonna move in january boasts Yeah he had a brilliant. I think he is. He the first person to score against manchester city sense. Legal messing two thousand sixteen Certainly champions league. I think that's the case Yeah that was was a fun game and again if you were watching. Porto unathletic was that was the wrong choice at simon By schakowsky tweeted this guardiola to bt sport. I'd like more people to come. On saturday. we will be tired. Southampton are so dangerous. I invite all our people to come three. pm to watch our game so apparently didn't sell out. it seemed. Do you think there's something sad about the manager having to plead with people to come and watch this. Obviously excellent team it's weird. It's it felt very. I saw that and i felt very nonleague to me. It did feel nonleague. it felt aaa kind of baseball. Or something like that. Where you're in. You're watching local tv in a motel and then this kind of paunchy former big league manager who's moved to the town is trying to get people to call him. He's being forced to advertise to get people to come well. Hey there folks. This is coach. Joey guardiola here from the city slicker soccer team. And i want you to join me at the soccer stadium for the big aaa match this weekend against those southampton lake monsters. Tickets started only ten dollars folks. And if you win the raffle and we are leading by four goals. You get to sit with coach. Joey and make a substitution. There's cornhole face painting and special game guests. The width of jack religious cavs. So come on down to five one five route two to five. If you pass the denny's you've gone too far. Tell them coach joey censure. It's exactly like that the southampton lake monsters. I think we should call them that from now on there. Shall we call that. Well yeah but it did. It felt weird. I'm not. I'm not slagging. I'm not gonna start slagging city fans off. I know that. I don't want to tell other. People spend their money. These games are expensive on a weeknight. It's not easy for everyone to get out there from whatever their jobs are so i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna pass judgment. Just felt a little strange to manchester city are one of the favorites to win this competition. And you would think that there would be kind of just a built in excitement over this. Starting i would've thought and leipzig aren't aren't nobody. As far as titian is concerned. I mean that's one of germany's better teams. So yeah i suppose it's a little bit. It's a little bit unusual. Sure they've also replaced a rule with the front seats at city with advertising that kind of double electronic advertising so Yeah maybe they just decided they can't can't let Which is strange to me because it's a very good team to watch. Yeah and that was on that. Certainly on full display Earlier tonight a couple of other things to kind of race through here as we round out champions league Jj we talked before about jordan p faulk and the joy of a us soccer moment in this round of the champions league. Well there was also the despair as john. Brooks's month of despair continues. He sees Two yellows he sent off in their match against lille wolfsburg against lille You know it was. I don't know if you saw it. It was kind of just like a pretty unnecessary is like middle third. Can i take you through intentional handed. Let me take you through. The first yellow is one of these things. I hate to see most in the world. Which john brooks trying to defend out white outside the confines of the width of the aging air box. And he kind of he hoax Burke huma the aforementioned burke you'll match around the neck. I just hate to see it. It's up there with either white and invitations. Those mailed invitations and people making out on the subway car late at night though. I hate to see those things a hit to see this By the way. Jonathan david goes to pass brooks to score a goal that was ruled out so it could have got a lot worse but it was ruled out by var because the ball had already gone out and the second yellow is not. He's out on the left again. Looks as if he knows the ball's gonna pass them loses his balance and he handles it on. It's it's red.

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