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Put their lives at risk to save someone else's A friend who survived the massacre said that before she was shot amery tried to call 9-1-1 She'll be buried Tuesday It reinforces NPR news Yuval D Texas After weeks of negotiations European Union leaders have agreed to ban most oil imports from Russia and piers rob Schmidt says its over Russia's invasion of Ukraine The EU agreed to block two thirds of all oil imports from Russia by the end of the year Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban prevented a total ban on Russian oil by only agreeing to ban C shipments of oil to the block Pipeline went from Russia which benefits countries like Hungary Czech Republic and Slovakia will continue to flow NPR's rob schmitz reporting President Biden is set to meet today with Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell as NPR's Tamara Keith reports inflation will be on their agenda Concerns about the economy and rising costs for everyday necessities rank at the top of the list of voter concerns this election year Even democratic voters are dissatisfied with the current conditions That's a political problem for Biden and his party and there are no quick fixes According to The White House Biden and the fed chairman will discuss the state of the American and global economy Inflation is a problem in many countries due to ongoing pandemic supply chain problems and in part because of Russia's war on Ukraine which is affecting fuel and food prices The Federal Reserve is in the process of raising interest rates to try to slow inflation while also trying to avoid too hard a landing for the economy Tamara Keith NPR news President Biden will also welcome the prime minister of New Zealand to The White House today Jacinda Ardern says she'll focus on the continued partnership between her country and the U.S. in the indo Pacific region Later this afternoon Biden will welcome the hit KPop band from South Korea BTS The White House says the president and the BTS singers will discuss diversity and discrimination against Asians they'll also talk about the band's platform as youth ambassadors This is NPR This is WNYC at 7 O four Good morning 76 and Sunday now sunny today in a high of 94 We have delays this morning on the 7 E and F trains in the city and NJ transit's Atlantic City and past cac valley lines New Jersey's attorney general is investigating the unsolved killings of John and Joyce Sheridan a prominent couple who died at home in 2014 WNYC's Nancy Solomon reports John Sheridan had served in two gubernatorial administrations and had a storied career in Trenton The couple was stabbed to death in their house near Princeton set on fire Local detectives believed John killed Joyce and then himself the four Sheridan sons have fought that determination for 7 years and requested an investigation by the state attorney general's office 5 attorneys general later newly nominated mat platkin has opened an inquiry a spokesman wrote our office is investigating this matter and we will follow the evidence wherever it leads We'll hear more about it in a conversation with Nancy Solomon coming up next hour The Sheridan case is the focus of a new podcast from WNYC studios dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery It's been 20 years since the formal end of the 9 11 rescue and recovery efforts at ground zero the 9 11 memorial museum held a ceremony to commemorate the milestone yesterday governor Kathy hochul spoke at the event She said New York will never forget those who worked at the site day after day risking their health to help the state and the country recover There's so many who know the bigger story That for 260 days people showed up here exposed to toxins and contaminants The ceremony was held at the memorial glade at the World Trade Center site which honors thousands of responders and relief workers who went on to develop illnesses New York's redistricting shuffle continues to make ripples this time in Queens now that the new district maps are final a pair of democratic state senators have finalized their election plans Senator John Lew says he'll run in the new 16th district which includes bayside and flushing and longtime state senator Toby and stavisky says she'll run in the 11th district which snakes around from college point to queen's village All 213 state lawmakers are on the ballot this year June 28th for the assembly and August 23rd for the state Senate candidates Sunny and 94 today is ash of showers after midnight and we cool all the way down to 65 tomorrow slight chance of afternoon showers and 73 76 and sunny now at 7 O 7 Support for NPR comes from safa offering 7 different types of handcrafted mattresses including delivery set up an old mattress removal more at SAA TV a dot com.

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