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I am calling for a three pronged investigation that involves three entities first the Judiciary Committee second the office of professional responsibility at D. O. J. and third the inspector general's office at D. O. J. men had been investigating trump allies in New York the White House says that had nothing to do with his firing SEC chairman Jay Clayton has been nominated to replace Berman but sure says he will use his power to keep Clayton from taking office the golden globes ceremony has been postponed ABC's Jason Nathanson is the first major award show of the year which is typically held in Beverly hills every year is being moved from early January to February twenty eighth that was the date the Oscars we're going to be held but last week the academy announced they were being pushed back to April all the moves have to do with the code nineteen pandemic in the massive production delays in Hollywood Tina fey and Amy Poehler had previously been announced as the host of next year's globes but the show's producers are still trying to figure out what the format of the show will be and it's a bird it's a plane no it's a fire hawk and it could be coming soon to the skies near you if it's needed the fire hawk is the latest tool state local firefighters will soon have cal fire's ordered twelve of the choppers at a cost of twenty four million dollars each the state says that three hundred million dollar investment means firefighters can get to any fire in California in twenty minutes since the buyer hot can go over a hundred fifty miles an hour in Kerry twelve firefighters and their gear alley cat he's ordered to brand new choppers Sandiego counties purchased one and inter county has ordered to use Firefox Jennifer Jones lead KFI news it is slow on the ninety one in Anaheim hills eastbound delays are really filling and now getting away from imperial highway you have delays and stretches as you travel all the way to peers now let's check out that mass in van Nuys with will Kohlschreiber KFI in the sky sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com it was a south outside of the four oh five right there at victory we had a car that somehow ended up straddling the center divider now they've moved out away and traffic recovering both directions but boy we have a stalled our that back up on the southbound side so very slow as you approach injured in an accident there's a super woman super lawyer dot com will Kohlschreiber KFI in the sky KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean for Martinez how many reasons do you have to leave California right now if you're ready to get out because of all the insanity.

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