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Statements. Hearsay upon here say that's absolutely not true. The FBI heard that so they had to check into it. And obviously since of the unsealing, it shows that the investigation's over was never a target of this, and I'm sure that's what they found really was never charged. But other Dayton leaders were really is currently seeking the Democratic nomination to be the next governor of Ohio. Our news partners at ABC six News Radio 6 10 W T V N Buckeye Football, updated service in mid state based Systems in clause roofing the Buckeyes with another game planning practice today, as they start to put the finishing touches on preparations for Oregon. Saturday's game in the stadium noon on Fox, joining tonight for Bucks line from 6 to 8, former Buckeye involved in a trade in the NFL defensive back Bradley Roby sent from Houston in New Orleans. A tough diet of baseball is the Reds Give up a walk off homer and lose 41 in 10 innings to the Cubs Indians are shut out by Minnesota again. Three Nothing The Clippers lost two going at 5 to 2 from the central Ohio Hannity Sports Desk. Matt McCoy USE radio 6 10 W T V N and for schools are now taking the next step to join the big 12 conference, multiple reports say. Cincinnati Houston, The University of Central Florida and BYU all submitted applications for membership to the conference this week. The big 12. Presidents will reportedly vote on Friday, and it is expected that all four will be approved in could then officially joined the conference. As soon as 2023 I'm Allison Wyatt stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes passed, And as news breaks, we'll see partly cloudy skies today a slight chance for some isolated showers this afternoon and a high of 75 radio for Columbus 6.

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