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I no longer have to pay to speak onstage because in the first charges just paying everybody to allow me to speak on stage. That must change people's inviting you and you start saying no to stuff the hell is going on in those paying you. I saw videos recently talking to ten thousand people in stages. Thanks. But that was that was a. That was a first for me. I mean, if you're working with the of social influences, right? So you'll kind of ac- your next but in this. So it must be that you, you know, how to spread a message new you're able to do that feel self and your platforms. Well, you're a little bit comes from the fact that we run so many social media pages. So we understand how to produce content and how to get it to travel far. So my biggest platform is my Facebook page in terms of us. We'll average if we didn't average it'd be about ten million views per video and Vinnie made five because you don't have the time. That's just taking expertise we've learned from running channels and our media ano- marketing business. I have to ask you this. Because will the pests like, you know, so much about this industry. A nice sorry. I have to be you know, the BBC I didn't if you see in the BBC Panorama documentary. It's just come out about influences. Sorry, I know everyone's already us to go on. Documents you coming out, we want you to film with you for three days in January. Do you wanna be on? And fortunately channel four couldn't. But it's an interesting one. It's not it's not that finger-pointing. It's just saying that with TV advocates that all regulations with social adverts on as many regulations and getting there, and blah, blah, blah. I do I do once post. I mean, I could be categorized in some ways as an influence, even the word has become quite dirty themes. But what did you think the future is of this world? Like, do you think it will implode? And then like refresh all inference marketing is largely talks IQ. I agree with that. So remember this? Yeah. His name is Timothy Timothy Kesse. There's this great. Psychologist that did these studies on these young kids, and he will what he was trying to figure out is if you live your life motivated for extrinsic values. So an example of an extrinsic value is I'm playing the piano, I get laid or I'm posting Instagram's I get likes. It's all external reasons than you are significantly more likely to be depressed. Unhappy to experience less joy to experience, more despair. And all of these things that you see with our generation now..

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