Four Five Six Years discussed on Morano in the Morning


Peanut butter chocolate cheerios lucky charms frosted flakes would not happen oreos for breakfast so i don't know what this says about us as a cy i think it says we like eating this sugary stuff and i'll tell you why they should not allow the these cartoon type characters the the lucky charms leprechaun the tricks rabbit tony the tiger they should not allow those advertisements on children's programming be on children's cartoon shows and i would say there should be no advertising permitted on children's shows because when you're four five six years old your brain still forming you don't understand that that's an ad and that call to action to purchase this sugary drug like cereal on your brain can't process that you're supposed to be able to discern that that's an ad and you're supposed to make a decision as a consumer you're compelled to like a moth to a flame or like when you're when you're crabbing at night and you use a flashlight and the crabs just come right up it should not be permitted should not be permitted.

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