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Every day how do you start with erica jane because you've been doing her hair for a long time too so it's so funny because i how did i start erica jane oh my friend jack who does kristen's publicity my friend jack i've known forever him he's he's amazing he's adot i've known him since i think he's gonna come on the show yeah has because amazing so i met he was like please will you do will you do jane before housewives and i was like of course i love her she's so fun she's so cool like you will love her i'm like yeah no worries whatever you say i love jackie now it was i knew who she was but it wasn't like i mean she was always who she was but it was before housewives you know when i was done and we walked up on the plane and i'm like i love this fucking job i love erica jane pretty meth hello pretty mess crew has that like i am an and i went on tour with her and all her hot dancers i mean she i mean she does not give fuck it's like ho best hotel plane cars like like i mean life she is life and she is also so amazing and so fun and she lets me do whatever i watch like oh what do you wanna do betray charlotte like cheese so amazing and so like you do you know which is great for like to have a client let you do what you wanna do or say hey can we try this can we do this and she's so down with our okay so if someone's at home and they want to do something out of the box like something crazy with their hair what's the product that you could recommend that you're using on erica jane kim kardashian what's something that like maybe like a secret that's not too expensive that that kind of anyone can pick up i would what's a good secret i don't know like do you mean like styling ponytails i anything that you would like what's your secret juice that you use on these girls i'll i'll let your words and i never thought i'd be asking her questions but here we are dive into what is.

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