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They told us on Facebook who liked. To run a. Dog what are we. Talking about here are we talking about We are we talking about rush NFL seasons. About a. Wait a week away you're going to hear a lot about how, this players really tough for that players very gritty I'm sure. There are plenty of, toughing Brady players in the league but I doubt that many of them are tougher or grittier then an elite athlete you probably never. Heard of his name is Peterson gone and he just won the, green jersey in the tour de France on Sunday it was one of the most remarkable athletic feats I've ever, seen but since almost nobody falls professional. Cycling gimme a second? To explain after the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong everyone knows the winner of the tour where's, the yellow jersey that means you got the best time over. Twenty one days in several thousand miles on the bike but the tourists, several other juries jerseys that are very sought after the polka dot jersey goes to the best writer. In the mountains the white jerseys for the best new, writer in the green jersey goes to. The overall point leader so after. Sixteen days of writing a bike around France Peterson gone had. Dominated the points category he had? The green jersey rap Up all you had to do was finished. The race. In Paris if you days later but on day seventeen Sagawa had, a horrific crash his back was shredded there was a bloody. Road rash from his, shin all the way up his leg into his buttock his hands were mangled there's deep bruising all over the place if he stopped. Writing he'd be disqualified there are no injury timeouts in the tour, de France he had to climb back on the bike and finish stage seventeen it was nothing short of pure, courage on display the look on his. Face when he crossed? The finish line on day seventeen was it a broken man in shell shock now here's where it, gets interesting cigar was miles ahead of the nearest competition to. Win the green jersey only one problem he has to finish the entire, race that meant four more days of writing he had to finish each stage within twenty five percent. Of the leaders time or he would be disqualified no, finish no win no bonus money nothing. If you wanna see what athletes Toughness. Really looks like watch Peterson sedan less than forty eight hours after that crash ride two hundred kilometers. With a fresh green. Jersey on his back through a brutal. Mountain stage in the, Pierre knees there. Was a major battle for timing points happening at the, front of the race and Sagawa could barely sit on a bike. Seat the leaders were climbing up the twelve percent grades up the mountains at a withering pace and sagana would be disqualified if. He's twenty five percents lower than the healthy? Writers, what the helpless teammates and. Support from his crew he managed to barely finished in the allotted time constraint it was. Painful to watch them just walk let alone ride a bike the next day. He had to do an individual time trial with still open wounds on his, leg and his back again, within twenty, five percent, of the wintertime. He did that to finally on Sunday Had an easy ride through the streets of Paris even made a gallant attempt to win the stage with a sprint but the healthier riders overtook him in the end, he finished though he took the podium anyone the. Green jersey there's nothing even close in the major US. Sports that compares to the suffering of the, tour de France if you. Enjoy the spectacle a competition and men's will stripped of all ego and artifice do me a favor and look up some videos of Peterson gone that's what toughness. Ingredients of an athlete really looks like Yeah. What do you, do because it's, it's, the same. With him but were people were like you know the guy almost. Didn't even race because you start thinking about ROY start thinking about. Lance Armstrong and what happens now is a lot of the blood testing the blood? Doping tests they. Take they'll, take blood and then they hang onto it for years because they don't necessarily have up-to-date. Tests that. Can detect some of the doping or some of the. Masking now but they know down the road they. Will three four five six years from, now that's why cyclists we'll go three four five, years and then all of a sudden they get disqualified from a, racer they lose a metal and it's because the, science finally caught up do you think the, science will finally. Catch up with him or do you care I don't see I mean the grit that he showed determination. Was unlike very few things you'll ever see in sport all right come up with the Ron and Don show officer Merano there is a memorial for him. Today or officer if you miss that you missed something Really special Is. Really spectacular the, police department the, honor guard they did an incredible job of water and him his wife even. Spoke today we'll have that. For. You next it's the Ron and. Don.

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