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To check it out we've got a report on ten tricks for getting the most out of Pinterest and back to the phones we go with Steven in grand rapids Michigan other Stephen hello but if you get the help he I'm here trying to keep the severity of the blows down I'm quite happy with and what it doesn't work well you know how it does look like a woman whose computer doesn't work she says she's not she's not the most pleasant person to be around now we're hearing age first language she gets mail look out that's par for the course for most women okay so I don't want to think like the grass is ever gonna be greener because you know everything's always good in my home until I get ticked off and then it's like well what happened like this your guys comes out like okay so she's on her computer how old is the computer out so which means it's old if you don't know how old it is it's a hold windows eight okay yeah it's time to up the ante it is yeah that's why I'm older I'm going to do some research are you right away the what what was recommended we should get to a laptop of course or tablet stick laptop for her okay windows mac windows yes I don't know happy wife happy life my when I look at a mac to say in well we'll have to get a storytellers who are looks like an apple they are opening up the store say thinking shortly I think I heard that this morning on the radio but seriously if you if you are looking for a laptop the only reason why I say you know if a mac if she also has an I have did you have an iPhone no no we don't have a rifle okay all right so we're gonna stick with the kid then we're going to go back or goes just stick with windows okay now anytime you buy anything windows related you know you can spend two hundred fifty dollars right for a piece of junk you can spend twelve hundred dollars you spend twenty five hundred dollars what kind of price point are you looking at well she's really tight with money but I think your got you eight nine hundred to get back with the S. S. P. my son a lot on his own thank you governor here in town I saw after first couple times of in Berkeley beat I said call Adam I'm not touching that and Adam said she needs a new laptop we walked through it something kind of simple but you know what after after the encounter that so I'm not touch that because if I touched something goes wrong I've been a dark house you're not being yeah you know what is this is something that you're better off on east merit badge I'm gonna tell you what I think you should buy it and then I would go to add and say Adam what do you think because this way it's not you it's gonna be added so if it's anybody's fault I don't I don't know Adam and but I don't like Adam okay so let's just say that it's Adam's fault okay yeah but if you look at something like a dell in spirit great machine right fifteen point six inch screen it's also is a touch screen you can have easily do you don't need a lot of meat a gig around maybe a hundred and twenty eight gig SSD drive right you know the date and dual core I. three processors probably good with some integrated graphics I mean you don't to spend that much you're probably looking at five six hundred Bucks okay I was taking it all lower maybe gets a your your screen she likes to watch for when she was working from home watcher so well you know you can get a bigger screen but then they get heavier so that's just a consideration please wait thank but we're probably gonna be looking at eighty nine dollars problem yes so she wants to be if she does want a bigger screen than you know you can look at the specs and you're right that the the devil is always in the details especially when you start looking at various laptops but if you do want to a bigger screen this is gonna add more weight it's going to add more bulk it's going to get hotter and all that other good stuff you know it it might be okay I'm just gonna throw it out there might be that your buyer five hundred on a laptop and she gets a nice tablet so when she wants to get some work done she gets on her laptop and when she wants to watch shows and do crossword puzzles and get on Facebook and everything else becomes more like an entertainment device that she's got a beautiful tablet could you say your budgets like eight nine hundred Bucks this would actually give her two devices that she can use for different purposes I don't know your wife of which sounds like a lovely person and but again I I don't know Adam and siliceous let's ask Adam what he thinks but run that idea by Adam and so this way if Adams rock it's not you it's not me it's all right let's go ahead and do R. 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