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Of 2 to 1. Ryan Kaufman. Roland Varga, sh with you. Let's take a look. At some of the stats. From the first half of action, the switchbacks control possession to the tune of a 60 40 split. Attacking wise, You have, uh, the shots going in the favor of New Mexico. United 63 shots on Target. 54. New Mexico United Zero for the switchbacks. Of course, Two of those shots on target ended up in the back or one. Yeah, two of them doing my my own goals. Messing me up. Two of those five shots on target ended up in the back of the net and then as far as discipline is concerned. Eight fouls for New Mexico United six for the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, one yellow card issued to New Mexico United that was on Rashid Today, switchbacks have not taken one. Uh, and so no one sent off. As of yet, taking a look at some of the scores from around the USL championship. There are two other mountain division teams. In action tonight. They are Rio Grande Valley FC and San Antonio. But they are playing out of conference Rio Grande Valley FC is hosting loud and united that score is 11. And in San Antonio down at Toyota Field, San Antonio's playing Pittsburgh and it is a 11 score there as well. Our score. 212 switchbacks trail, New Mexico United will have more in a moment here on extra sports 1300. Stay up to date on all things switchbacks by following switchbacks FC on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Halftime down in Albuquerque to one. New Mexico United.

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