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Oh thirty year old bisexual left or here and i have a question about after i know after shows chinese in the cape community i'm not really a king stir yes i'm curious about aftercare when it comes to just foca or the nilo or nonkey whatever sucks recently i talked to the good friend of mine after years of knowing each other and it was time but i felt like after we slept together there was of and it was lacking in the aftercare departments it's made me think a lot about what my needs are after hook up with someone and feel really horrible what else they feel safe and seen and good i'm really sexually active but in all my sexual portrays i haven't talked much about that nor have i felt like it has much well i'm just wondering if there's sort of a precedent for this of other people of how they bring things up like this when you're hooking up with someone for the first time how you go about saying hey after will cost it'll you know i in to really good to me it's we interact in this way um and the best way to kinda bring those needs alcohol also honoring though when you hook up with someone they don't like how much they owe you how much do that on um and if this isn't happening much can we sort of start and i care revolution more homebrew long time and now officially doing this podcast for a long time and what are the changes i have noted in sort of the council and culture couples counseling cultured psychotherapist culture psychoanalyst culture sex relationship bob research culture all these people really coming around on kinky people in kingston and the king community and kinky sex and looking now to kinky people not just no longer regarding kinky desires as abberant or or or sicker perverted or nonnormative we now know that when it comes to human sexuality deviance is the norm but looking to the way kinky people in can culture kind of organizer relationship to negotiate the relationships and.

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