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I'd say that committee takeaways or any next steps the action items that you want those listening today. What do you want people to do today. Based on this conversation. So i hope this conversation. It's helped merchants all levels potentially get a couple of snippets here and there through my my ranting about what they can do to improve what they're doing from a marketing perspective with the tools and resources that they take advantage of as well as the setup of their website. And you know the the resources that are there at at all different plan levels even if they're not on chopper five plus and really to just keep in mind the importance of all of these different resources and this is kind of a message almost to some of the bigger companies. That are out there that you know. They have that one or two person team. That's handling different things. That is maybe a bit just not ill-equipped but burnt out frankly with all the different areas of businesses that they have touched. So you're just to really understand the importance of what. They're doing digitally on their website through their marketing. I hope i've given a glimpse into what people can really prioritize. Definitely have some great recommendations for awesome tools and i just really some mindset around how you need to attack your website and really take a step back and talk about what the problem. You're trying to solve and understand the customer journey and building retention marketing into it and owned media. We talk a lot about that. So i think that's really. These are great. Great great topics. So how can people learn more about your agency and kind of the next steps. Yeah absolutely so. I try to keep it simple. Just go to ben's settlers dot com b. e. n. z. e. t. t. l. e. r. dot com. I'm super active on twitter. Lincoln instagram all. My hands are at ben settler. There you can view a lot about the services that i offer as well as a just some of the insights that i like to share and different podcasts and webinars they all go on have a lot of conversations like this that they can ultimately learn more about how they can make improvements and and certainly if somebody out there listening is interested in potentially speaking with me about working together something that i am doing for exclusively for listeners of this episode if they go to e commerce fastlane dot com slash benz ler. There they can find contact form where i'm offering a limited number of free consultations. Free thirty minute consultations. We can get on the phone talk about anything related to your business that you may need help with that. Have a question about that. You're looking for no little insight and expertise on then we can. We can talk about how he may be potentially worked together long term as well while i make sure you update that in the shouts just once again. Ben thank you so much for coming on. The show have been a lot of knowledge bombs. They a lot of validation about kind of the work that i'm doing a trusted adviser and it's nice to see that we're in alignment maybe brothers from another mother who knows. But it's just interesting. That we definitely are in alignment about. What can we do to help. Brands grow and scale. And i think we are both shop perspective but then from an agency perspective. It sounds like you're aligning yourself with the right partners and the right strategy and i really appreciate that one thing that i think you know already that. Want to make sure we're clear into the show. Is that shop. I really is on a mission to make commerce better for everyone obviously almost even democratize it and it seems very clear to me based on this recording today that you are also entitled entitlement really wanting to help a fight brands meeting coming on the show and forty five minutes later. We're getting into. There's a lot of great insights that you've shared today. I'm just want to thank you for that. I wanted to thank you for sharing your vision. And i guess most importantly just giving back the shop by ecosystem. Lots of in different maturity's and i think there's some great value in this recording today. Yeah thank you so much for having me on one of the things that all i always say close on is that shop. Five of the last eight years has very literally changed. My life unexpectedly sell. Like i said before i started my sunglasses. Business sort of out of necessity kind of had this issue. Which i always wanted to maybe do something. Be fun to own my own business. My great grandfather owned his own business. You under five and ten. My grandfather under dry cleaners my father who is still going the party decorating events business. Entrepreneurship is very much in my blood but never really expected to be honest with you that it would turn into what it has turned into today and i really have shop to thank for that. I can remember a very specific conversation. That i had with a partner manager a few years ago i always give her a shoutout lauren health stab and she asked she was my partner at the time and very very forward with everything and ask. What would it take for you to take your consulting work. Full-time like what what would it take to get there. And she's for whatever reason she was very interested in the growth of my business and i really appreciated that and to be honest with you up until her asking. That question had never even thought about it. I had never thought that this was something that i could turn into a career and it very much has and with that anytime. I get opportunities to get on a podcast like this or do a webinar or give feedback on the the shop if fight partner portal or on different offerings within chapa fi or work with different app developers or whatever it might be i always take advantage of those opportunities a symbiotic relationship. Certainly the more. I do the more i can get out of it the more i could potentially help merchants the merchants helping me grow my business like it helps everybody but i very much have chiappa fight to thank for what my career is and even but what my non work life is and it's something that i'm i'm very grateful for for sure so the flywheel is going. That's great all right ben. Well thank you so much again in. Have a great afternoon. Thank you so much really appreciate it. Today's episode is brought to you by high conversion recommend powered by amazon personalized. They helped medium to large shop. 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And they believe they can produce one hundred percent more revenue per visitor in just one week with the use of amazon's product recommendation algorithms so head on over high conversion dot com mentioned ecommerce fast-lane's a listener. You'll also get an exclusive twenty percent off their annual plan. Well that's it for today's episode. I'd like to thank you personally for being a loyal listener of ecommerce fast lane. It's my hope that this podcast is offering you a ton of value through.

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