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Taste tequila. Well, I don't anymore. It's been sixteen years. And there's a good reason. Because when I did. Yeah, I really didn't know what was going on around me. I used to tell my friends don't let me have tequila whatever you do one morning. I woke up, and I go you guys. That was a crazy night. I don't know what happened. I mean. I didn't even have to kill it. And they're like, don't you? Remember, the lime thing with the salt. I was like you told me that was bourbon do burn. And that was shod. Oh, no, don't you. Sh hey, welcome back to Jason Alexis in the morning. It's the eight o'clock hour and we're talking about tequila shots eight oh four actually on this beautiful post Christmas day, it's still dark and dreary outside. Be careful. Be safe. The roads are a little clunky. Yes. And grow grinding dirty. Now, Kris Jenner is up to something is Kris Jenner is being criticized on social media. I know I think this is fascinating. So I'll tell you why Kris Jenner is being criticized, and I actually like to criticize her as well after we just told the public to shut up about the Queen the Queen is different because we love the Queen. We don't love Kris Jenner in the same way. We love the Queen. Right. Well, she was being criticized on the internet because well, one of her Christmas presents that she posted to social media. Actually, I think it was khloe posted this photo of her mom as the Kardashian Jenner clan were celebrating Christmas. And it was a picture of Kris Jenner in blue blockers. I think did you see the picture. Now, he looks like she's wearing blue blockers. No doubt. They're like, you know, thirty thousand dollar sunglasses wearing.

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