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True crime grew contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment. Listener discretion is advised. They say woman opened fire during a biology faculty meeting at the university of Alabama's Huntsville campus, Friday, three people were killed three others were injured. Sometimes totally before four PM. Call was made for the Chevy center for science and technology to the hospital police department university, police hustle. Police department responded secured to building and they found the victims officials say the suspected shooter was caught and arrested outside the Shelby center. A science building local media are reporting that the shooter was a faculty member all three of those killed and two of the injured were faculty members the third injured person was a staff member they say Amy Bishop had the ultimate grudge to bear against her fellow professors and began shooting them one by one. Welcome to true crime burry. I'm Jill, and I'm dick when you think of a mass shooter, you don't envision someone like Amy Bishop forty five years old female Harvard educated biology, professor and mother of four Amy Bishop would seem an unlikely killer. It was three pm on February twelfth two thousand ten and thirteen professors and staff members from the university of Alabama biology department met in a third floor conference room plant biologists Gopi Padilla passed out the printed Genda and sat beside Amy Bishop Amy had a hand gun in her purse, Amy was normally quite vocal in these meetings. But that day she was silent in brooding, she shot six of her co workers killing three before she washed up and called her husband for a ride home. The police would arrive before. He did. But Amy's homicidal rampage did not come out of nowhere investigations into her background would reveal a troubled person with a history of violence and probable cover up in her hometown. In Massachusetts today in a shooting in Alabama will delve into the life of a killer atypical, but just as devious and dangerous as any other at how many points in our life. Could she have been thwarted? And why wasn't she? I have a beer that actually comes from a brewery in Huntsville where Amy was employed at the university of Alabama Huntsville perfect. So the beer is called a Ludia. And it's brewed by straight to ale in Huntsville, it's an English old Dale, and these are beers it in the olden days were transferred into vats to age, hence, the name old male. They tend to be multi year somewhat fruity and the content can vary quite a bit. This particular wins eleven point five percent. So it's it's up there. This is a sipping beer it's a murky Brown color with a small head. It's not particularly attractive when you look at it. Nice, aroma. You get some grapes and some alcohol. The grapes are apparent in the taste is a clinic. Very very nice fathered by some maple. And then there's a little leather and toffee just a wonderful beer nice to sip warms you as you sit. If it great one to drink. So let's take it down to the quiet end. And maybe we'll share with people. I don't know. Well, let's see how it goes. We are friendly. So we might share we possibly could. And this is a good beer for this kind of day. It was kind of cool or at least what passes for cool here. There's a nice fire going in the fireplace. Everyone's kinda comfy. Good beer for this type of setting. All right. Let's open it. Okay. Okay. So Amy Bishop grew up in a nineteenth century Victorian home in Braintree, Massachusetts. Her mother Judy came from a New England family in Exeter, New Hampshire where her grandfather had owned a shoe factory duty that her husband so tier pup gloss at the New England school of art in Boston. He would later change his name to Samuel Bishop. He was raised by Greek immigrants in Somerville. Massachusetts join the airforce in nineteen fifty four in nineteen sixty four having been married. They moved to a city where Sam did graduate work at the university of Iowa. He was a fine arts student during the day in school and he worked as a janitor at night. Amy was born in nineteen sixty five and she was smart little girl may be a little bit on the OC decide there were stories of her kind of lining up her toys in a certain way, which really. Give you that OCD feeling we're she she likes to have things arranged neatly. Yeah. So the family then returned to Massachusetts after Sam graduated because he got a teaching job in the art department at northeastern they settled down in Braintree in nineteen sixty eight when aim us three and her brother Seth was born later that same year Amy was a pretty normal child, maybe a little neurotic she had asthma. And there were many trips to the ER when she was little her interest in science was at least in part due to her frequent interactions with doctors and nurses at the hospital. She began taking violin lessons in the third grade. And her brother Seth soon followed in her footsteps now, it's been said that there was an intense sibling rivalry between Amy and Seth. But on the other hand several people have also said that the two kids were very close. They were friends, but Amy had always resented. How easily Seth got along with people when they were at Braintree high school together, she was kind of the weird outcast girl. A year ahead of him who was kind of popular and things just seem to come easier to stuff now they were both shy kids but Seth like to go on adventures on his bike. He would leave Braintree with a pen and a map and explore around the surrounding communities. Sometimes Judy the mom would be driving miles from home and see Seth riding along on the side of the road. He was a curious young man who liked to find out how things worked. He was also unexpectedly self-confident for a small studious sky once in middle school. He was surrounded in the cafeteria by classmates who were bullying and teasing him for carrying a violin. Seth on his violin

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