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Coverage begins here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred slightly better than the eight thirty tip off with the nuggets and blazers last night, but not a whole lot although hockey generally quicker. Is it? I think it certainly longer feels like it's quicker. Yeah. Because faster. But you're right. They take the two half times. And they play a full sixty true, unlike basketball, so yeah, must be a. It's just the pace thing. Yeah. The pace. Yeah. That's true less time out, right? Especially the last all even. Mark Knutson is going to join us in the next segment. Former Rockies pitcher we got checking on the Rockies. These haven't been awesome. The last couple of days, but overall Rockies playing much better baseball will figure out why. And also how do we look at the brewers? Rockies lose last night. He sues Aguilar, I believe was batting zero point zero zero one going into the game last night. I two at bats. He homers Christian yelich Dana play last night. So it's. Nemesis or they just a hurdle that the Rockies have a long way to go before they can award a thorn. How do we help to rise the Milwaukee Brewers because it seems like there's a thing? There's a thing there. Yeah. Not unlike the nuggets, and the rockets like nuggets in rockets seems like there's just a theme. There matchup problem something going on there. So we'll hash it up with more coming up in a little bit. Bottom of the hour. Crunch time. Your thoughts. Always welcome at two eight six zero zero four six. Report today. Out of the Broncos saying they would have drafted Devin Bush if they did not trade down. Did you know that? We all kinda. Yeah. It doesn't surprise the code for. Who has this report that just popped up on my screen? That is that's kind of a, duh. Really? It's like hashtag, not breaking keying. Oh, there you go. Speaking to a national audience. I mean that was going to be the case as much as I wanted Dwayne the happen. It wasn't going to know. And we do that a week ago. We did. Yeah. It did seem like Bush was the but the reports, but it's so that's not surprising. I think what's the more. Interesting report that comes out of the draft. Is. And I don't know. It's a as a report as much as just connecting dots here. I think the Broncos really wanted TJ Hopkinson. I think that's who they really wanted. And in again, you can trade up for that. That's that's no in John you'd have to give up a lot, right? And John Elway was going into the draft. I think with the mindset of I would rather trade back trade up. Stay cuz don't go any higher than ten bright. I think he wanted to get depth. Yeah. As the primary focus of the draft. I think they were willing and even with the devil Bush thing, they think they're willing to say we're not going to trade up, and we're also not even going to take a guy at ten because. We want the depth. We want more guys. And and we talked about that. A little bit. Yesterday is that because of the cycle the Broncos have been on in terms of always building through free agency. Now, they're in a spot where they really do need to stock up so to speak on on guys. Well, what's interesting is they didn't even take an inside linebacker at all at all. So cornerback inside linebacker, or at least a true inside line. Right. Neither one right. The kid out of Oregon is an outside linebacker of his athleticism. But yeah, that's another Josie jewel. If you are not ready for primetime. This is your time, man. Still a little bit surprising that they that. They didn't go inside linebacker. But look after you after you pass on Devin Bush that was it. I mean now is a rap on the inside linebacker just wasn't that deep. But one wonders why they didn't take an if there was two guys worth getting why they didn't get the second guy. But it not totally surprising that they didn't end up with one. But maybe a little bit of like with the we were talking about last hour with this whole Chris Harris thing coming to ahead sue pretty soon. Is it a little bit of John Elway look back and was like. Being get middle linebacker. I got Thanh Davis. I got Josie jewel and why they did sign to KOTA Watson true more of a special teams add than anything else. But at least plays that position. But I think I think it's Josie Joel I mean, I think that's one of the things that as far as the Broncos draft picks concern, you know, fans going get every opportunity to be the starter at tight end probably should be given the problems at that position has been. And then, but the swing guy to me is don't reisner does he actually start and have an impact in his rookie year. A lot of people seem to think so I have my reservations. But he's certainly a guy that you spotlight and then on the other side, we didn't do all of this and the draft. So now Josie Joel is really out opposite. Todd Davis is you're starting middle linebacker. So that'll be interesting to see. But we're a long ways off from that. We are living in the moment with the Denver Nuggets. Of course. And Colorado Avalanche. I the nuggets get the game. One win last night. You heard it right here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Even though is close. I thought it was pretty emphatic. I never really got the sense in a lot of it is the way you go in to it. Right. Because you go into the Spurs series a little trepidation, right? Your little bit worried your little bit nervous. Because of what the Spurs are. And what they've been. And the way they play too. Because from a matchup perspective, it is much better to have a team like Portland that shoots. A lot of threes than to have a team that drives to the basket in the San Antonio Spurs Yokich as much as we love him, not a rim protector. Of course, we saw with Derek Whyte did early in the series to Jamal Murray. So you go into the series with the blazers if I've made any impact on you at all on this program. I think that you would feel a little bit better about the nuggets in blazers as opposed to the nuggets Spurs. But I just felt like last night. I never really doubted that the nuggets were going to pull out that game. I know Yokich scored forty plus in game six with the Spurs, and they still lose. But the way that he was playing the way that they were defending CJ McCollum only goes seven seventeen from the field and his canter. Just not really a factor. His shoulder doesn't look right. So deeming Lewer gets his. But it's kind of like the way I felt with lamarcus Aldridge. Okay. Let him have his you can't let Derek Whyte and Brin Forbes beat you. So Damian Lillard is going to get his and that is that is fantastic matchup, even though they're not going to guard each other. Yokich V Lillard is going to be outstanding Paulk Lee wrote about it in today's gazette. Would like the nuggets to advance by sweep if possible, but if you're a basketball fan. You want to see nine games of Damian Lillard and nickel. Yokich mean, the skill set that those two guys have and in south is and I think they're going to be doing every night. I think you're gonna see again, even though they're not guarding each other. You're going to see them going back and forth matching each other basket for basket and putting up ridiculous numbers because I little bit because of their talent, but also a little bit because I don't think either team has really an answer. For me. I don't think anyone can really guard Damian Lillard, and I don't think the NS canter or mohawk Lous or Luke. Baughman Tae is going to be able to contain nickel Yokich. So that's going to be fun. But I think the most heartening thing from last night. Is you listen to Michael Malone talk, and he wasn't happy. He wasn't a happy camper. After the game. He was very critical of the Denver Nuggets on the defensive end. And if you're. You're not convinced of the nuggets being the favorite in this series. I think looking at the fact that they won the game. But yet. Gave up a ton of points and Michael not being happy. I think in a weird way. That's like, okay. The nuggets we know the blazers are going to get better. They're gonna Atta marris from Denver. Stiff joined us in our number one. You know that they're gonna make adjustments. You know, they're going to try and do some things, and you know, that guy's a guy like CJ McCollum is not going to be seven of seventeen forever game the series. You know, Portland can be better. But I think also you watch last night you say the nuggets have room to improve certainly both Michael Malone and Paul Millsap talked about how they felt like they weren't.

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