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From reporters, and he says he would leave the White House on January 20th if the electoral college declares President elect Joe Biden. Winner of the election Until today, the president had repeatedly refused to comment on a peaceful transmission of power or transition of power. Meantime, CBS White House correspondent Ben Tracy reports that President elect Biden's transition goes on seems to be making a real concerted effort not to talk about President Trump not to get into any of this back and forth about the election about some of the things that President Trump has been saying He does seem focused on unity of talking about how we're going to beat the virus. We have to make some sacrifice. Has has a country the inaugurations in 55 days today, the president said he was not sure if he would attend the inauguration. Concerns continue that Thanksgiving gatherings will lead to an even higher spike in Corona virus infections. US reported more than 2200 new cover deaths yesterday. That's the highest toll since early May. Today, nearly 90,000 covered patients are in the hospitals in the US More than 6000 of them. In Illinois, a record number of covert 19 patients are spending this Thanksgiving in hospitals across the nation. Other coronavirus patients are recovering at home, including truck driver annual Golmard Girls, Kansas who was now breathing through a tracheotomy tube. He says his main concern when he got sick was his family. I mean, the last thing And I prayed scared that I, you know. Had infected my wife and my kids and my mom in Minnesota as ICU beds near capacity, the state has set up a command center to coordinate patients with hospital care. At least. Preston CBS NEWS New YORK, the Illinois State police say they'll be out in force on highways and to always this holiday weekend, Master Sergeant J. C. Clarke says troopers. We'll be watching for drivers who are holding their cell phones while talking or texting. You not use your cell phone at all. If you need to pull off in the next exit, try not to pull off onto the shoulder of the road to use your phone. Wait until the next exit where you can pull off on that ramp for your safe access. Troopers will also be looking for speeders. People who aren't buckled up and intoxicated drivers. He says. While the state has urged people to limit travel and stay at home as much as possible to limit the spread of covered 19 troopers will be on extra patrols this holiday weekend. In Illinois. Doctors reporting 131 more lives lost in the past day due to the respiratory disease covered 1929 of those deaths reported in Cook County. Including three men in their forties. The state also reports more than 12,000 new cases today. The fitness industry has been hit hard during the pandemic, but to survive one Chicago gym owner Says they've had to find new ways for clients to exercise and keep their business afloat. Studio three owner David Blitz says the pandemic has them rethinking the studio experience. When Mark came we, you know, we have kind of took a step back and evaluated what it was. Was happening with new code restrictions in Illinois that prohibits group classes. Blitz says they've had to pivot again during a time when wellness is critical, extremely important for a lot of reasons, not just Not just your physical health, but also your mental health. The stress levels are high with the unemployment levels where they are. Physical fitness is is essential and weakened by continuing to provide that it says they're now offering 45 minute booking sessions for their indoor workouts, opened a giant outdoor workout space last spring and continues to offer their online streaming classes live with as three something he says will likely be permanent even after the pandemic. Is the fielding NewsRadio 105.9 f of the World Health Organization says it's important to be active during the pandemic. You and health agency says 25% of adults and 80% of adolescence do not get enough physical activity in their daily lives. Regular physical activity is important to prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer and also boost brain health producing symptoms of depression and anxiety. The W. H O says up to five million deaths could be avoided each year if people would run walk or simply move more for adults. It recommends at least 2.5 hours of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity.

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