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He called all angry about it. But yeah i'm a book on my way back saying how i'm happy that everything is lifted. I went to new york. And i was in the cellar. Have you ever done this hour past there. Yeah yeah just d- i. When i did this movie ray remodel. He walked out walked in with him. An st was there. Yeah yeah and it was kinda you know. And then we got a regular sets right. 'cause like he bumped it you know sure i went on with him and i. It's funny so i tell him i go. You owe the movie mono rare. So i then he goes. Let's do some the wisconsin. Saturday to and i say. Why don't we tell her. And get like on the lineup. Yeah we're not he goes. Oh you know you're right. He's so famous. You know what i mean. So we did that. They didn't put his name on the lineup. Put you on them. And then i did it and i think that after that i think she was that finally like okay. This guy's funny. Yeah you know what i mean. I'd had no plans to. I had never done the seller. It kinda was one of those things where it's like. That's new york's comedy store. Those guys come here. It's a little weird we go there. It's a little weird. It's like their home. You know what i mean. I didn't wanna step on toes. Even though i knew a bunch of those guys me too but distefano came out. And chris was doing like six sets. You know one at the seller one fep pussycat one at village underground and he did that twice over and then he said do you wanna go up. St will would like to watch you. I said dude. I've never played here. And i don't know you it's weird. I didn't know if i cared if i was like do i. I'm not here enough. Yea even when you go you probably doing like a club you probably doing like caroline's or some little news new york so hard to play a really easy say no. I usually go play like jersey. I'll play. I'll play philly tough tasso so anyway blah blah blah. I said all right fine. I'll go why not do a spot. And i knew people matteo lane. Was there who i love. He came murdered. He's so funny man Carmen lynch like people. That i recognize that i knew bury. It was like all right. I was comfortable. You know ricky. Valetta known seen before. And i went up and had a great set and then she was like you anytime. You want it up but it was cool to get past at this age in our career because i felt. We don't do it any do that anymore. You don't showcase let's go like if you're not in a club you just go. Well i'm not in a decade. I don't go there. And i just to go there but isn't it fun to do five minutes. I haven't done five minutes in. I don't know. I really can't. I genuinely like maybe seven eight. Nine years i don't know was did five minutes. Oh shoot. I wouldn't even know how to do it i it was. It was genuinely hard. You just gotta do it. You just gotta okay. I i gotta get off. Here's to jokes. Like that's how i felt like here's to joe i saw was louis there. He just been there in the early show. Yeah going a lot. yes i saw. I saw him form. And i was like all right. Yeah he you know he's back in full swing at that club is back. They've got all the the the took the things down right. They just took him down. Yeah the those the plexiglas. But i didn't even feel like it wasn't a lot of people in the near when i did it because it's packed like because because it's so small but so i was like damn i wonder how it is that they probably just got people like sardines annapolis but this is a nice vibe in there. It's the same kind of feeling. I got the same kind of feels like the except it's more intimate bro. I've done a couple of sets and they've been fine but they just doesn't feel the same. Yeah it also not to get negative but it doesn't feel the same without jeff scott. The piano is just a weird thing. It's just felt sad. It felt a little weird for me. Forgotten when i first went forgot that he died less griff. Not that. that's what i was looking for him. Right i'm what i'm saying. It was like a punch interface reminder. So i looked over there and i was like oh fuck. That's right now. His name lit up. Yeah yeah so. That was like a and i thought that it was like it was a nice tribute doing that. Yeah i think we ought. I mean i think i'm so excited with the fifteenth. Everything is opened up. Finally right you excited. What are you gonna do. I What are you gonna do. I on the fifteenth and everything is open. No mask no restriction. Post office still nervous. You still going to stay home. You're vaccinated you're fine you have a. I don't wanna go anywhere. Oh my god. This is the youth. I know this is the youth. This is what happens. Let's a regular day for you. Then sleeping real. That's all she does. What time you sleep until every day. Like an annoyance to come here. Yes.

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