Saint Clair River, Beth Fisher, FBI discussed on 24 Hour News


Saint Clair river thousands of people expected to take to the water of the Saint Clair river in port Huron on Sunday on rafts for the annual float down there have been problems in. The past let's go live to w w J's Beth Fisher for the. Story. Bath Roberta the coastguard is quick to say that this is not a sanctioned event as coastguard station port here on officer. In. Charge Kyle, Thomas says it's dangerous with the river current about four to, five knots which could carry someone very swiftly down. The river but if you're going to take, part addresses the weather conditions where lifejacket it's the biggest thing that can be overstated if you fall in, the water you can be carried away from the rats very quickly or the rest carried away. From you Thomas also advises those taking part to have their passport and contact information in a watertight bag because you may recall that a couple of, years ago a lot. Of, people wow Wound up on the Canadian side of the river without ID reporting live Beth Fisher w w j NewsRadio nine fifty WWE news time is seven twelve the FBI is on. Alert concern about a personal Bank accounts could be attacked by hackers WWE. As. Business editor Murray Feldman explains you may not have heard about it but your Bank apparently has they reportedly received official notice. From. The FBI, that cyber-crooks have cloned ATM cards and they're preparing to use, them all around the world to make withdrawals how. Did it happen nobody knows for sure but, it's believed the bad guys deployed malware perhaps through phony emails and when the malware gets into the banking, system they can obtain customer credit card information well respected national security pro Brian cribs says he's. Obtained the confidential f. b. i. alert and that the Fed's believe cybersecurity themes may attempt a massive ATM series of.

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