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Them out on the weekends for their analysis of the races. We welcome mat Metallica. Good morning, Matt. All right. Well, we got to quickly get into this big weekend here. We'll start with the first half. Today's daily double five furlongs the distance by for deal yet and Catalino Martinez nine to five on a field of seven. Yeah. This is this is a thirty two hundred dollar Claire. So we're at the bottom here, but bite he definitely looks tops on the numbers. It's just a matter of is, you know what, what's the if he has any health issues, or anything there, or any, you know, just his form issue. He's coming up at eight thousand dollar win and a sixteen six thousand hundred fifty dollar winning to last three and then he's taking a layoff, that's March up eight thousand dollar when he was a avoided claim that day. So sometimes because somebody puts in the claim, and then there was, maybe a physical issue that was discovered or something. It gets return to the original trainer. So maybe it's kind of a free chance for Bill Delia to take wing thirty two hundred and you know, kind of with the with the what's the problem maybe surrounding biting? Maybe nobody will take them. So definitely was our top call number seven we were also using number two. Of luck laugh. He's of the local guys that fit at this level, he really is solid here. Looks like he's for young train. I don't have much info on easily ninth. Start read France. I think he was a trainer John Martin, which is highly successful barn. And this guy starting off with a you know with with high numbers as well. Fifty six percent wins five of his last night starts have one and it looks like he claimed the source last time out for thirty two hundred and four himself. So as the owner trainer in a barn that definitely knows how to put out a limited number of forces in a high percentage of wins. So we like seven two and then we're gonna use the six rocket fuel as our third call. And we posted an early pick five ticket on our website. If anybody wants to go back and hear the numbers that we were putting out here. All right. We're gonna go a mile the second race today. Megan claiming twelve five field of nine in here, and including two to one. Shot are be has will send out the four sooner better sooner better able to deal at two two one five to two on the three one. I robin. We thought sooner better the number four here was the most beatable favorite on the card today. So we're playing against here, and we're gonna single on early pick five in our best play of the day of going to be the number three one. I'd Robbie at five two odds. He's coming up to sprints and a route at the straight maiden level. Now, dropping twelve thousand five hundred and basically all, you know, to one of his sprints and the last route that he ran at the street may level would win this race. And I think it's just a logical drop to the maybe twelve thousand five hundred dollar level. He hasn't hit the board, yet, has two fourth place finishes which may explain why they're just dropping to such a logical level here. He's also a first time gilding and it looks like all systems are go. This horse is our best play the day in our single on the early pick five one, I'd Robin. We're gonna play him in exact as well over the number seven offing easy. At eight to one in the number one cutter fluid three to one and try to get some real value here than out the early morning favorites in the first pick five. All right. On the third race six furlong starter allowance person twelve five and our favorite here. We'll be at nine to five. It's DeLeon Martinez. Again, this was number six Catta Antaboga. Yeah. We like filthy Lee again here in the early. You know, the first three races cats Antipolo is our top call on our pick five we just went to deep here. We did the top number six over the number five Scott best Beth, and we're gonna go with those two if you're playing any other best, maybe exact box cock, yet, I like the number four Vacaville, special, as our third, call the early pick five we were just going five six six of the top call and then putting her over the five in the four intimate. Exotic all right. Moving onto the fourth Ray. Ace, we'll go five and a half for long's. The six are going in this one including and a two to one Alvarado on Honda or for number four song of the night. Yeah, we're going to use of the night, but it is a first time starter that looks like she's bread for longer. And by his now who doesn't get a lot of first time, you know, precocious types that win? First time out, especially sprinting, I'm gonna play against your. I think there's so speed. And this race could be susceptible to that five and a half per long. And I like the number two diva in charge for Peter earn she's shipping up from southern California and making her second start today. I start swing on her record was as a two year old so she's making the really kind of an important two year old three year old angle, which usually triggers, a lot of improvement, as well as the second time lifetime, starting which triggers improvement, she's adding blinkers, she showed up. She's so some decent speed in a downhill turf sprint there. And I think this race was crying out for somebody to go out and take the lead. She lures able city. Oh to the. Saddle top jockey who would typically be writing. I would think I call Jerry Hall and offer on a horse like song of the night number for the first time starter. So I took that of the sign that, number two diva and charges really ready to go here with the blinkers on second time out to three angle, and some sharp workouts. I'm looking for number two. Even charge of the site up that to leave this thing wire-to-wire, and I like the other first time starter. Number three myths, lucky lager as a possible contender. And then we were throwing in song than I the door the first time starter. The two one eight so she was our top call. I like the value there, we're gonna play her over the three the four and the ones are pick up a lot of minor checks in fits, but not for the wind slots. All right. Moving onto race number five hundred nine race card on dollar day out of Golden Gate, fields, I post one fifteen five and half for longs here and the favourite. In this fifth race with a field of eight will be at two to one to deal right for Victor to heal. And that's extranets number four. This race was spread rape up early pick five the, the favorite extranets she's coming off a win to back and then a good third last time out. So she fits she makes sense. The top call here, but I think it's kind of spread rate and. Early pick five we actually through in five horses because we have singled and only gone to deep in a couple of races earlier on. So for the value we were able to go a little bit deep here. I thought this was a spread rate. I did put four on top us with the three and six those were top three. But if you have the means and can do it and follow our ticket. Exactly. We also win the two phantom east that eight to one as well as the eight Panshir at six to one, because I thought those spread race in a way to end the pick five possibly with more value than just the morning favorite. I'm race number six for this Sunday afternoon racing. We're going to go mile and in this race will have a field of nine so exotic opportunities five to two Accardo, good, solid, rides for Quin. Howie on number two warns little Margie. Yeah. We really liked the seventh race today. I think it's our best value play of the day, we have on the number six bronze mobile number six that ninety two she's coming out of a race against warns little Margie favorite last time out. They went one two in that race, I really think the tables could get here today. We, we gave out his mobile as a contender last time out as well. She wants to twelve to one almost a year laugh about ten playoff and ran a very creditable race to warrant it Margie, who was like the fortify favorite. That day. Bronzes mobile had every reason to. To be a little bit short. Ten months? She's still ran really? Well, the race was highly rated they finished Lincoln quarter apart. I really think that the second time out today and that race under her belt. She's a big danger. Nine to two on the morning line and also lowers Irving Roscoe to the saddle though. Big jockey chains there in s bronze mobile favor. So I like six that's mobile best value play the day over the number to our little Margie. And on our late pick four tickets we also use the eight Katie Lee of the nine out of the ordinary to start out. This move on to the seventh race. We owe six furlongs in field of seven in this race kind of wide open, as far as morning nine concern. It'll be five to two on number six lucky, and Tarez forced respect and, or Cardo Gonzales. Yeah, this will be a little bit interesting. It is a seven Horsfield we did narrow it down to just two though on our late pick. Four ticket thirty thirty six dollar ticket posted on the website. We went with the six lucky on that top call. I really liked the spot. She's today. She's in great for him. She won three back. She has an excuse for the her between race. And then last time out was flying from ten all the way to second by now at the five along on the turf course distance, which is tough to tough to close on that course on that on that far back looking in great form right now. I don't see any reason why she won't run another big one here. So I like lucky entire top call. We're all seeing is using her to auctions on late pick four with number four Plum, wild also coming out of the famous last two races against lucky Antar. She finished just behind that one in both of those starts, but really could turn the tables with a little bit of briefing and a little bit different conditions here. So Plum wild number four, and number six lucky, and Horace over those are two that we're UCLA pick for. They were using her with number five strip it down for other exotics and daily doubles. All right in the eighth race today is five furlongs on the turf field of eight in here to one on the bottom, and that's Maryland smile for Tim McKenna. Nine to five on the six lady chrome for wrote a March one Hernandez. Yeah. Top Paul here for us goes to Maryland smile. Number eight on the far outside the second choice on the morning. We'd like are even more in in or not put off if, if the race does come off the turf it, we got a little rain overnight possibly going to get more of this afternoon. So we'll see what happens with. Turf day. But if they do pull the race off Maryland smile will be just fine. She ran a huge number on a race. That was pulled off the turf back in November, and then took a layoff after that. And came back, I think she was just way to sharpen that last race. She she'd taken six months off, and she is a come from behind specialists that day she was she the ten hole in ten field on the short turf sprint distance, I think she was a little too fresh off the layoff. Four was put up into the rape a little too early by the jockey. So either way, she didn't have too much for the finish and finished Lincoln half behind. But it was one of Linkin finishes there was like six horses within two links at the end, I still like the way she ran. And I think she'll go back to her stocking style today. Maryland smile, big rebound today to, to one that would be the top call. We're also going to use number four, I love romance seems to love turf or does to pita..

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