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Down one hundred and eighty six points. Right now last time I checked it was down. To sixty so it's coming back. I don't know where it will end the day we have another twenty four minutes the reason why. The Dow fell today is the president has ratcheted up tensions, between, this country, Turkey he increased tariffs that he instituted in March on Turkish metals aluminum. And steel and he has now doubled or he's making plans to, double those tariffs the, Turkish currency in response has plummeted. And with Turkey being Part. Of NATO this is of concern to the general market and one of the big issues is not only. The the being the holding of an American pastor and Turkey for. The last two years the Turks. Accused him the Turkish government. Have having been part of that, coup attempt back in two thousand sixteen which he denies but also Turkey it appears, wants to, buy, a Russian missile defense system and the concern in. Congress is that they will have American technology and they may. Pass some of the vulnerabilities of Turkish air of US aircraft to the. Russians as part of this deal so it creates. This sort of gray area where. You're buying defense systems or offensive systems from both Howard and might you be selling our secrets to. Them along the way so that is part of it he, was, tweeting as, always I know this is a shocker but he he went on and. The an addition to this about the he says our relation With Turkey are not good at this time and then he warned about it he mentioned the pastor pastor. Andrew bonds Brunson a great Christian family man are wonderful human being he is suffering greatly this innocent man. Of faith should be released immediately the thing about Turkey that's so. Weird John is you know in. That area is one of. The historically secular governments with a, big sort of religious constituency that is to say there's a you know the people, are religious A big. Chunk, of the, Muslim community. That's there but doesn't really see sharia, law implemented by the government but that's beginning to change their now sort of. Saying, goodbye to secularism there they are but, also early on, is not necessarily going to win the. Nobel peace prize strongman, yeah he. Is and and we don't know where he stands right now now he responded before the. Tariffs came down he, sent, out our before the tweets did yeah he came out with his own yeah last Thursday late, Thursday so late last night. Before. The tweet the Turkish president said he would stand, up to pressure from the United. States quote there are various campaigns being carried, out don't heed them don't forget if they have. Their dollars we have. Our people our God we are working hard look. At what we were sixteen years ago. And look, at us, now he told supporters yeah there you go look at our God that something you would not. Have heard a Turkish, president say, a few, years ago exactly my My point and they even describe some. Of their their latest, involvement in. The war Syria as a jihad show all of a sudden you're hearing a lot of. That extreme religious rhetoric, out, of a out of a government that wasn't religious prior to this well I'm glad the Rams, at least scored eight seven. Points. Less Only exhibition Jay now I know it's it's make, believe football but it's still. You like you still want to win I know doesn't count but apparently at least to Miami Dolphins kneeled and one stood with a raised fist. During, the anthem Thursday and the president went to, town on that He tweeted the NFL players are at it again want to show their outrage something most. Of, them are, on able to define who I don't know. But I think they're quite able to define it in half and then he went on to, say find another, way, to protest stand, proudly find another way, to, protest and proudly for your national anthem or. Be. Suspended without pay well I, mean you said. It a couple of days ago I think when you said you know the. Flag stands for. Their ability to to not stand although you, said look I'd. I'd stand, but, you, were saying look but I. Also would respect those who don't right if you don't wanna stand that's you're right, if, I don't want, to buy your. Jersey or go to your football games that's? My? Right if I wanna fire you from the team that's my right you. Know, it's it's we all have these rights, I do think Dak Prescott made a good point which. I kind of feel, like okay we get it we get it can we move this to the next level right it's, time for the movement to evolve to the other Place right and now there's sort of this like every are you going to kneel, I don't think I want to kneel, anymore but I feel like I. Got an you know yeah you're right there social pressure from within. That crew which is hey man how come you're not kneeling. No you know what I mean and, so it's become about the, anthem and, whether or not you're gonna be kneeling instead of the the goal which was to raise. Awareness, to the, issue that they were trying to bring awareness. To you know we had a little bit of a well I wasn't a debate I miss, I miss understood, when, I was talking, about you were like, you, know they play the anthem everywhere and I stopped. You called and said I, can't get enough. Of that song every time I hear it I choke up I love I. Love the flag. My sons and marine blah blah blah blah, me too I. I wasn't, contesting, that, of course I choke up. Also I was just suggesting that at the time it's not that we don't all, feel, that same patriotism, my God remember. When Whitney Houston sang the national anthem during? The? The start of the Iraqi war and you felt like Man this is you couldn't help but. Be choked, up because they're reflected show much we all. Have the pride in. The country. But by the. Same token I was just sharing if you, go to, North Korea for example they'll, play the national anthem all the time, they'll play it before movies in South Korea so at some point. You ahead we're, we're finding. The anthem too much I I leave that, aside, I'm, not, arguing whether or. Not, they play the anthem. Too much, they do I think. Maybe conflict the anthem with a lot of other things besides freedom and a lot of the values, that America. Has traditionally I like having that I mean I just kind of think it's a moment for you to remember The service I I wonder. If you've made it the military then you have but that's not. Originally really, what it's about I, get that I get that but it's a moment to, say are we I think it's also a moment to say how lucky. Are we unless you're a black man who has a bad, confrontation, with the white. Police officer but how, lucky are we to live in this. Country, and and I do think you know it's I think it will belittle what. Colin Kaepernick started if it just kind of. Continues the same thing every, Sunday they're taking a. Knee right if it doesn't move, to the, next if it doesn't move to the next. Place I would agree that that that there's. An issue it is, an important, thing, it is important to recognize also. That, we are all Americans. Together you know I think that's important and I think everybody's so busy calling. Each other names and I know even what I've just shut him on the air here he's gonna to me a bunch of blow, back on the oh. You liberal, either so much name calling but we are all Americans stand together Either either, literally or figuratively as we recognize our patriotism and we, speak our minds without fear for the most part and that's an again. It we all have the right to speak our opinions and, I, think that I. Think the kneeling was, important I had no problem with it But, it's sort of like all right now what Neely it's. Like it's like a hashtag or Sending thoughts and prayers or you know what okay now what Valid Camp Lejeune marine, of base says Mark are you kidding they make, you stop whatever you're doing here when the anthem comes on. We're all trying to be, inside doing something else for that when. The anthem comes on no, one sees we're not saluting, stopping so even? A million military he, has the right to you know what if he's. A marine he doesn't have he can do whatever he want. He gets, a free pass. By my son doesn't want vote I'm. Like that's all right you're, doing more, than. Your civic duty you're doing your military Judy. You know whatever I know what was like? The football player was? It. On, the Oh which was it onto the patriots the. Guy who, ran out of. The tunnel because he's a reservist and. Came to attend to stop, what he, was. Doing came to attention when the anthem was. Being played all right I. Think, we've beaten that horse checkup patriotism. My flags bigger than yours when we come back the Natia experiment that included a special note we'll get into that next. Gary and Shannon show Mark.

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