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So becky you've never made a vision board before this this I've written down goals and stuff but I've never done like like the cut out and glue and well let's get into it. Let's really to it. I do believe there's something to it. It was fun okay. So I'm going to name things then. You tell me what they mean to you. Is that fine. Yeah all right. Twenty for twenty twenty. What does that mean well? This is a little dramatic There is a joke. Losing Twenty pounds or twenty twenty. Okay I don't think I I don't think I would look healthy with twenty pounds. Lost no chance but that's the incensio sciences. Yeah because it's on top of that woman in a tank top telcos glare. I can't tell Ya what's one million and one million. Make a million dollars this year. How that is? That's A. That's a goal. Yeah How dare you to go? Just go go and like like travel and do everything that you have the opportunity to do without over thinking it. Just go numeral waiting same Ahmadiyah extraordinary moments happen. No more waiting is like I always feel like I wait for opportunities to come to me instead of working being towards them and so I I actually had a meeting and they were like what are you like. You can't like there's so many people working in like hustling and like you. You can't just sit back and wait and it really stuck with me so I found that and I was like twenty twenty. I'm not waiting around. extrordinary moments happening ordinary days. Just like that okay. Make the most out of everyday whether I'm somewhere extraordinary or just ordinary ordinary my bff just like spending being grateful and appreciating appreciating my friendships. This year what are some of these locations. What's the bottom middle? That looks like a snow albums. Looks like Russia or someplace I just was like putting places. Yeah I've never been in like the atmosphere of the snow and like those are just places like the one in the trees the caribbean-wide one of the bottom right is are those northern lights. Yeah I really want to see the northern lights that would be neat and what's in. The upper right almost looks like A. It's like a cabin in the woods. Okay Yeah it's a little small looks more like an outhouse but no it's like what is trendy like small mountains and then oh there's like a little table overlooking the mountains okay this nice and then the bridge over the water on the left in the jungle. Somewhere like in a Caribbean jungle. Okay this is a solid solid tour tour. It is cheerful tour confidence and the tours. Hey speaking of the tour February First Marines Memorial theatre in San.

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