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Rose Hill, Groverton, Belhaven that area as well so we're gonna check in with Mike Stennifer to get even more perspective on what we could see. Again, we have high humidity and we're sitting at 91 degrees Northwest DC at 230. This is WTOP Everything you need, every time you listen. The WTOP producers desk is wired by IPEW Local 26 where electrical contractors come to grow. Good afternoon I'm Shawn Anderson and I'm Brendan Hazleton Jacob Kurz our producer we are expecting more potentially severe weather in our area today our entire region is under a severe storm watch right now let's go live to WTOP meteorologist Mike Stennifer what do you what else do you see there Mike? Well the heavy rain you're talking about now moving into the areas that saw all the flooding yesterday we're seeing nasty thunderstorms storms stretching from just south of Nokesville northeastward through Buck Hall on Fairfax Station and Burke and right down the 395 corridor into the district and of course that area around 395 near the Pentagon that that floods easily these all these areas where the heavy rains falling right now saw flash flood warnings yesterday afternoon so I expect we expect a repeat of that also the atmosphere is very unstable dew points are in the mid 70s across the region about as high as they ever get across the area so lots of fuel for storms this afternoon and the precipitable water the amount rain of that could fall per hour across the region it may approach two inches per hour and that will also be the recipe for flooding across the area so if you've got travel plans this afternoon keep it here and we will make sure to get you home safely so keep updated on WTOP's Mike Stenniford. Alright thank you much Mike it is 2 .32 CBS

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