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Documented. are eight rebels left northern Uganda more than at the kid echo, They no longer posed a direct threat to the communities. Web, Beatrice or tweet cannot some relief. At our IRIB has continued to terrified people throughout the region, looting abducting and killing in neighboring countries such as the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Still that is fear in northern Uganda. That until the underlying causes of the conflict have been addressed. The extreme poverty unemployment, and the failure of the victims to realise composition, unjust east. The Lord's Resistance Army while some other rebellion could happen again. Among the actually people, One of the several indigenous tribes in northern Uganda that suffered the most during the crisis in Uganda visa local justice system known as muddle pulled. It allows competition between the perpetrators and the victims. The formal does this look on his skying No. Repeated while local does this Mkhize look laptop reconciliation whatever circumstance of God. How are we going to ensure co-existence of the former Justice icicle quit Is Hated of justice and reconciliation project in northern Uganda as at Ceesay has faced, the look of justice system will help to reconciling these people in the north, But the dominant, his wound to be found guilty or not. Cut out of the day, We have people behind Dominic against them nickel, mine what he up on, how we're going to ensure that these two puppies way continue to lead to way that with a dominant will man is found guilty or not. If he is found not guilty, how we're going to see in lap in the community does the local does this mechanism that will end Shula Dietrich has people to receive Dominic land on leave. He my game today operates us Mosheb inability about eight kilometres outside in town. He leaves peacefully with his wife unchagned. Mattress lives with hatchet in about two kilometers away from glutathione she walks Project organization where she slows bugs letter exploited by the Czech from the little money she makes she is trying to care for unprovided cushion for the children she bore. We were caught again with the L R A commander and the children she has had since returned from captivity. Beatrice As looking back on Ford Justice means holding accountable, not only those who committed the violence, but those who watched emptied into anything to protect her. Equal one more Mao mathematically This government-requested ask who were abducted members like me? I was abducted when the governor disorder the web under Article Siam hooked the road mammographic they should have done anything to sift me. And so the government needs to compensate hit me. If they don't do it, I will not only met you. I find that this government ruined my life more than two rebels. For Life of the low, I'm glad is aroma in Gulu Uganda. How can they get it? October while I don't eat again. Justice Part three of our series Uganda was reported by Gladys aroma from Gulu Uganda. This series was produced in partnership with any bunting from York University in Toronto Teddy A-team team researcher in Kampala Uganda and life of the laws senior Producer, Tony cannon. We have production support from in costs Special. Thanks to Daphne Keevil Herald for her editing, and fact checking translation. Narrators were David, a Kema and Emma. A Cody We had assistance from a porter. Rose Bell cog Amiri in Gulu Uganda are post-production editor is Rachel Cain. Our series is funded by the conjugal slavery in war partnership, Social Science and humanities Research Council of Canada, The National Science Foundation, the law and society Association and by you, our listeners this series has been more than a year in production, and we thank you for your donations to help cover the costs. Of this independent international project, please visit our website life for the law dot org and make a donation today to support this series. And while you're on our website, subscribe to our newsletter with behind the scenes, notes from any bunting and Gladys aroma Join us in two weeks for part four of Uganda. When our team of journalists and scholars meet up in studios around the world to discuss the series That's next on life of the law. I'm Nancy Mullane. Thanks for listening. Good. E ON would be big. Okay. Don't let do now. Good.

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